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Friday, October 1, 2010

Farewell to Flushies & Freezers

Growing up I had a favorite summer-time drink.  I would see the sign for them in a store window and immediately my mouth would begin to salivate!  I would beg my Mom for them almost every time we stopped to get gas, as I would see this delicious beverage churning in the store window.

As I got older, and had my own car, trips to the store just for this incredible drink alone was a well worth it kind of trip!

So it was very natural for me to introduce them to my children.  Kind of like a legacy that I'm passing down for them to enjoy too!!  They come in all flavors - but the two most popular are cherry and coke!  Imagine my surprise and utter delight when I saw a sign at a local Burger King that they were now offering this wonderful treat - ANY SIZE ONLY 0.99 cents!!!

Oh yeah!!!  Can you say, "If you're good today, you'll get a special treat?!"

I don't know how it happened - I've always called this drink by its proper trademark & registered name.  ALWAYS!  (why mess with greatness?)  However, forever this drink will have a new name.  My 3 year old son - who knows how he came up with this - began to call them FREEZERS!

He was crying in the store one day, saying he was thirsty for a "freezer".  I finally deciphered what he was actually saying - but then I had to figure out what it actually meant!  Then I realized we were standing in a store where he had a direct (I mean bee-line) sight for the sign in the Burger King window.

Ahhh!!!  He too had caught the bug for the wonderful summer-pleasing drink!  Just the sight of the sign incited him to start begging!

What drink am I referring too?

After school just last week I pulled up to Burger King - order our standard 2 cherry and 1 coke "freezers" (of course I had to say ICEE's - otherwise they would think I was a crazy woman) - and my cost of outrageous!!!  What happened to 0.99 cents!  To my utter dismay - the summer special of our all favorite freezers had come to an end. {insert tears}

At this cost... we might as well go to Sonic and get a Flushie... 

interpretation... Slushie!

I know we're all excited about the incredible weather of Fall.  
But I'm going to miss our frequent trips for 

Freezers and Flushies!

What summer delights are you saying good-bye to as Fall approaches?

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