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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location

The three most important things to consider when buying a house.  

What about the most important things to consider when having your prayer time?

No... I'm not saying that finding your favorite prayer spot is anywhere close to the commitment involved in buying a house!  But I'm wondering today what your prayer spot looks like.

This used to be my prayer chair.  I purchased this chair at a really difficult and new phase of my life.  At that time, I was single, had no kids, no husband and had plenty of alone time in the evenings.  I couldn't wait to get home from work, put on some comfy clothes and settle into my favorite chair with my Bible.

Today, this is where I meet God.  It's a small, quaint little "Mommy's Desk" in my kitchen.  Instead of meeting with Him in the evenings, we have a nice quiet time together before the sun rises (and before little feet arise) every day.

It's almost like "having coffee" with God.  The first thing I do is turn on my coffee pot, then I open my One Year Bible and my journal and God & I chat.  I read His Word (Him talking to me), then I pray (me talking to Him), then finally I write in my journal some of the things I feel He's laying on my heart and teaching me (us kind of talking back and forth to each other).

Of course I can have my prayer time just about anywhere!  I love taking my Bible on camping trips! There's nothing like reading your Bible out in nature!  This past summer I enjoyed having my prayer time out on a beautiful deck in the mountains of Colorado.

But for my every day - my Mommy Desk is my favorite place to meet God.  I hope that you have your favorite spot to meet Him too!  If you do... I would love to hear about it!  What does it look like?  Do you have morning coffee with the Lord, or a nightly cup of hot tea?

I would love to hear about your favorite prayer spot!

If you're here today from iFellowship - Welcome!  I'm so glad you came by today!  I love making new friends.  Feel free to follow me - I'll be by your blog later to follow you back!


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