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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I love you T-H-I-S much!

Love.  Such a simple little word.

Yet, there are so many ways to verbally express this wonderfully deep emotion.

My husband & I go through this cute little banter almost daily.  It goes something like this:

"I love you!"

"I love you more!"

"Oh no, today it's my day to love you more!"

"Well, I guess we're just going to have to share!"

Silly I know - but it always makes me smile!

A while back, my Mother-in-Law (the kids call her Sweet Mama), gave Jordan a book called, "I love you THIS much!"  She loves it!

And now every time I ask her how much she loves me, she stretches her arms just about as far as she can and says, "T-H-I-S much!"

It's really cute... and again makes me smile!

All of this, no matter how silly or cute, I totally understand and "get" where it came from and how it originated.  But with our son, his expression of complete love is somewhat of a mystery.

When we ask JP how much he loves us, he simply says, "four times."  Is this his "THIS much"?  Is four his number of completion?  If so, how did he land on "four"?  He's been saying this before he even knew how to count!

Regardless of the mystery - we know that we he says he loves us "four times" he's communicating his ultimate love for us.

John & I have a little "love banter."
Jordan stretches her arms and says, "THIS much."
JP giggles an says, "four times."

All of these are very personal expressions of love.  The Lord has beautiful expressions of love to & for us as well.  But one that I've really been praying towards and focussing on lately is this:

"steadfast love"

Other translations may use "lovingkindness".  The Hebrew word here is chesed meaning kindness, mercy, faithfulness, and love.

Psalm 136 uses this word 26 times!  The psalmist lists all that the Lord does, (here are just a few)
     -does great wonders
     -made the heavens & the earth
     -conquers enemies
     -rescued His children
     -provided for His children
     -remembered His children in their despair

and then completes the sentence with "His steadfast love endures forever".

I want to encourage you all today, no matter where you are - on a high mountain or in a deep & low valley to go and read this chapter.  Imagine it - 26 times the Lord telling you, His steadfast love endures forever!

So when asked to the Lord, "how much do you love me?"  
He simply answers, "with a steadfast love that never ends!"

What cute or special way does 
your family express their love to you?

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