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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Weekend 31

So I've been baking all morning on what I should post about today!  I really love my blog being current and am feeling the pressure to put something new & fresh up today.

However, when my husband asked me what I had going on today, my only response was, "Weekend 31 Stuff."

So what is Weekend 31?

I'm speaking at a Women's Retreat on November 12-13th in New Orleans!

I'm so excited!  The retreat is hosted by the Women's Ministry of our local church - Journey Christian Church.  However, we've got ladies from all over coming!!  We've got women from our church of course, and women from our city, and women from at least 2 other states!!!

What is Weekend 31 all about?

It's based on Proverbs 31.   The key message is this:

Much like a precious jewel - found in the rough - it still has immense value and is no less a jewel, just because it has limestone, or dirt, or marble all around it.  The outside dirt must be knocked off in order to see the beauty within!  We are the same way!  We were created with beauty & immense value.  However, sin has covered some of this beauty.  We will be discussing what must be knocked off or cleaned up in our lives so we can reveal God's beauty within!

So... today, I'm:

  • Editing conference materials
  • Making a few signs to hang up around the retreat center
  • Sending out final emails to my team leaders
  • Adding directions to the retreat center to our website
  • Creating my PowerPoint presentation
.                                                             ...just to name a few

But don't worry...
 I won't be gone until November 12-13!  In fact, I've already written & scheduled my blog for tomorrow!  And trust me!  
You're not going to want to miss it!!!

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