I'm so glad you've stopped by my blog! I am a Women's Minister and a former Pastor's Wife. I love finding God in my regular-everyday-stuff. I struggle with keeping up with the laundry, I love blogging, and my kids are my first line of ministry. I am recently widowed. So God and I are on a brand new journey as I try to find peace and understanding. Please grab a cup of coffee and let's get to know one another as we journey on our faith walk together.

My Rockstar

If you've made your way to this page, you must really want to get to know me!  

Thanks so much for finding your way here... I probably would rather you read this page than any other, as this one's all about the love of my life... my husband John Franklin.

Why would I have a page on my blog all about my husband?  Because he truly was my Rockstar and I miss him terribly!  He went home to be with the Lord on December 30th, 2010 - and this is our story, from beginning... to end.

We met at church in 2000.  I had just started working at the church as an intern.  He was the Associate Singles Minister as well as the lead singer in a Christian band.  As I walked into the worship area, I heard him singing and was immediately drawn in to worship.  I knew I had to meet him.

He had really long hair at the time (longer than mine even) and he just reminded me of a Rockstar.  Our paths eventually crossed enough times for us to begin dating.  I won't bore you here with the beautiful details of our courtship... but believe me - it was dreamy dating a "rockstar".  

He started then and never stopped until he breathed his last writing songs to, for and about me and our precious family.

John & I were married in June 2002 and quickly moved to Austin, TX to plant a church.  A year later we moved to Houston, to plant another church.  It was here where we bought our first house and had our 2 precious children (2004 & 2006).

John was a passionate man of God.  Everything he did was to further the kingdom.  No matter what we were doing in and for the church, he would always ask the staff, "how does this help bring people to Jesus?"  

John loved in this order - God, family, others.  We each faithfully read our One Year Bible, and every morning as he would come down the stairs he would find me at my desk, with my coffee, and my Bible - and he would ask... "What's God showing you this morning?"

Actually John would ask this of just about anyone he spoke with - he truly wanted everyone around him to know they could have an intimate relationship with the Lord!

After Christmas in 2010, we decided to visit a friends ranch in Bastrop, TX.  We've been there many times and it's some of the best hunting in all of Texas.  Our friends would not be there until Thursday, but they let us have the place all to ourselves Tuesday through Thursday.

We had a wonderful time together as a family for 3 whole days!  There is no TV or WiFi there... which was a wonderful blessing.  The kids & John hunted every day.  I sat out in nature and read my Bible.  What a wonderful foreshadowing of heaven it was!

Then on Thursday, December 30th, John decided to go hunting one more time for the day.  He geared up and I even took a picture of him one more time - my hunter rockstar!

He kissed me good-bye and thanked me for being cool with watching the kids.  As he was about to leave, the kids asked if he would swing them one more time on the nearby tire swing.  He said, yes, and loved on them a bit.

Our friend took him to the deer stand.  As best we can all assume, as he was getting situated in the deer stand the rifle fell.  This is when John entered into the presence of his Almighty Father.

I find peace in the fact that we spent 3 beautiful days together and that John was doing one of his most favorite things when he left this world - family & hunting.

As for me... right now... days are very hard.  But I know my God is faithful and true and I trust Him to get me through this.