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Friday, June 8, 2012

Coming in for a landing...

This week has been filled with an awesome week of Vacation Bible School!  As of yesterday we had 17 professions of faith!  God is so wonderful!

I had the humbling experience of leading a little 4th grader to the Lord on Tuesday!  What a way to start the week!

Today we wrap things up and although I'm ready to get some rest... I'm going to be sad to let these precious little lives go...

Please continue to pray for these 17 young kids as they continue to grow in Christ this summer.

Next week is a whole new summer adventure... Jordan & I are going to GA Camp @ Pineywoods Baptist Encampment.  We're both super excited!!!

(Oh!  But before we go.... Jordan has her very first Dance Recital on Saturday! - be looking for pictures of that soon!)

I thought it was only fitting to put up our VBS theme song as my Friday Song.  (if it's going to be in my head all week - I might as well pass on the joy to you guys!  LOL)

Friday, June 1, 2012

10 years...

It's Friday.  The normal time of the week when I post a song.

This Friday is very different.  Today I should have been soaking up some beautiful rays on an amazing beach holding hands with the love of my life.  That was the plan anyway.  John and I so very much wanted to take a second honeymoon to some tropical location to celebrate our 10 Year Wedding Anniversary.

Apparently God had different plans.  I still cannot believe we're not holding hands today.  Many days I look down at my empty hands and wonder... "What do I do with them as I'm walking into a store.... as I walk into church.."

Here's what I do know though.... I know God is holding me.  I know He never gives up on me - even though many times in the last 17 months I've wanted to do just that.

Today - to celebrate a beautiful relationship - even though we must live in different locations - I thought it was only fitting to share one of my favorites of John's songs.

The Way.  Some of my favorite lines...

I love the way You take me by the hand - lead me on.
Love the way You hold me to Your heart to love me Lord.
I love the way You lead me to Your teachings for my life,
I love the way You don't give up, though I give up on the fight.
The way You love me through it all, the way You died to save my soul,
I stand in awe of You.

(if you listen all the way through - you'll hear him talk)

Enjoy your Friday!