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Thursday, October 7, 2010

What's your "thing"?

I know I'm probably late on the draw for today's blog - but better late than never right?

Today has really been wonderful!  I got my daughter off to school without too much drama and had a wonderful time with a dear friend over coffee at my house!

As I was preparing for her arrival (picking up the shoes that were right in front of the door, doing a quick scrub of the guest toilet, and putting dirty dishes in the sink) I was thinking about what "my thing" is for daily living.

For example, I have a friend who, no matter what, makes her bed every day!  I have another friend who ensures that, when all else fails, her kitchen is clean.  We all have "our thing" that even if it seems a little quirky - it's the one thing that we do every day!  And we do it really well too!

While we all write & read blogs about how to make our lives simpler, do things better, and make us better Mommies, wives, friends, Christians - I thought today I would just stop for a moment & celebrate that one thing that we do really well - all the time - no matter how strange, quirky, crazy, loony, neurotic, it may be - today... celebrate it!  It's part of what makes you... you!

I can't wait to hear what your "thing" is!

To get the ball rolling, I'll go first.

Sometimes to the irritation to those around me... I'm a rule follower!  I will follow the the rules to the letter of the law!  If the parking lot has arrows - I follow them!  If the door reads "EXIT", I do NOT enter through that door!  Due dates too are firm and are not meant to be flexible!  I know... strange!

Also.. just one more... I'm VERY punctual!  I grew up with this phrase: "To be 15 minutes early means you're on time.  To be on time means you're really late.  To be 15 minutes late means you're fired!"

So, I LOVE being about 15 minutes early to every place I go - and if I'm just getting there at the assigned time I feel VERY LATE!!!

Okay, I'm so glad that's 
out in the open - 
so... what's your "thing"?!

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