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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is God "okay" with this?

Mornings can be such a crazy time in our home.   Typically we have a calm breakfast.  The children eat their cereal while my husband & I share a cup of coffee and discuss the day's events.

Then as if an alarm goes off in the house, we all jump up from this very sane and calm moment to rushing around as if the house is on fire!  I'm looking for that missing sock, my 3 year old son is wanting more juice, my 6 year old 1st grader is looking for her backpack, my husband is looking for his cell phone... am I alone here in the morning craziness?!

So... once we finally get everyone in the car and buckled up...  I'm wanting to find that calm & sane moment again.  I usually do so by turning on the radio.  This tends to keep questions, arguments from the back seat, and general noisey-ness to a minimum.

Okay - moment of vulnerability...  here are my presets on my minivan radio:
#1 - LifeSongs - local Christian station
#2 - KLOVE - National Christian station
#3 - WNOE - local Country station - 
(Come on!  I'm from Texas!)
#4 - WRNO - local talk radio 

On one such morning last week, as I looked at my presets to determine which station I thought would bring the most peace to my humble little gray minivan bee-bopping down the interstate... I selected our local Christian station.  I knew we needed to infuse Jesus into our car and I wanted to hear the local traffic report if I could.

Well... I'M SO GLAD I DID!!!!

We were almost to Jordan's school.  The kids were being great!  My plan & selection had worked beautifully!  Then JP asked me a question I have not been able to get out of my mind and makes me think every time I turn on my radio...

A wonderful praise & worship song was playing - but granted it had a more rock-n-roll type of beat.  I'm even kind of singing it in my head... then he asked...

"Mommy, is God okay with this song?"

Wow!  He's only 3 years old!  And not only is he listening to the song, but he's listening to the words!  And more important than both of these... he gets that God cares what we listen to and he wants to please God.  He already wants his little life to be okay with God!

I learned many lessons that morning!  Here are just a couple...

#1 - my kids are watching and learning way more than I give them credit
#2 - I want my life and all that I do to be okay with God

I want more than just my radio stations to be okay with God.  I want what I say and how I say it to be okay with God!  I just kept thinking throughout the day, "What if JP had asked this about something I said or did, instead of just a radio song?"

That morning, I was able to say, "Yes!  This is a fun Jesus song!  God likes this song!"  Can I answer "yes" to other decisions I make throughout my day?

Today, examine your steps and ask JP's question... "Is this okay with God?"  I know it's simple.  But in this simplicity I have made improvements to my daily living that I think make God smile.

So.... just for fun... 
What are your radio presets?
Do they help you get down the road a little happier?

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