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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lessons from Gumbo

So what does Gumbo mean to you?  Okra?  Sausage?  Seafood?  Spicy?  Mild?  Thick?  Thin?  Do you serve it over rice or perhaps if you’re a true Nawlins resident you serve it over potato salad.

I would imagine if I asked you how you like or how you cook your gumbo, I would get as many different recipes as the number of people asked.

It’s often been said that doing ministry in New Orleans, specifically our church, is much like Gumbo – you just never know what’s going to come up in a spoonful!  Now, I’ve eaten Gumbo (Come on!… I may be from Texas, but I know how to enjoy good New Orleans cookin’!) and I don’t think I’ve ever had the same Gumbo twice.  Each bowl brings a mystery and a story.

To read the rest of the story come and visit me over at Seeds of Faith!  Yummm... you'll be able to smell the delicious aromas better over there today!  LOL!

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grandmotherpic said...

Yum, makes me hungry even at 7:am. I am so proud you did this. You know that I've had Aunt Sharon's gumbe and it is the best. In fact with a true cajun Sis and a transplant cajun daughter I see no need to even get the receipt. My chicken & dumplings are like this. I've cooked them so much that I know just what the ingredients & the pot are saying to me and what to do next. God's Word is like that too. If you read it often enough you will most often know just what He's saying to you and what you are to do next. It's doing that next thing that is so important. A dish nor a life will come out right if you do not do the next thing that you're being told to do. Thanks Penny for once again taking us to Living Above in the daily things we do.. Love ya.

Rev. John Franklin said...

Great teaching and spectacular gumbo! Thanks for both!!!

Ashley Pichea said...

I like this analogy - people are kind of like gumbo, we all have different ingredients in us and no two people are exactly alike. :) I look forward to seeing where you take this on Seeds of Faith...

Theresa said...

Never had gumbo (gasp). But then again I am a Long Islander. LOL. If I ever visit I will look forward to some :)
Much love to you my friend!

Toyin O. said...

I am not sure what Gumbo is either, but you never know what to expect when serving God, but we know all things work for our Good.

Sheri said...

Shhh...I've never had gumbo. But then I am a transplanted Californian. I make Sushi. LOL

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