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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ask them! It might just change their life!

What’s God showing you lately?

For most of us, this is an easy question to answer.  In fact, most of our blog posts are about this very thing.  It’s probably why we started blogging in the first place – to let our friends and family know what God is showing us, teaching us, and doing in our every day lives!

But today, I want to ask you… are you asking this question to those around you?

It was this very question that changed the way I viewed my relationship with God.  There was a lady in our church, a staff wife actually.  And she was the happiest, most joyful person I knew.  I loved talking with her – and yet sometimes I avoided her.  Why?  Because I knew the first thing she was going to ask me was this question.  The conversation would go something like this:

Me:  Hi there!

My friend:  Hey Penny!  How are you doing today?

Me:  Good!  You?

My friend:  Great!  {insert something God was doing in her life}.  
So, what has God been showing you lately?

Me: {usually I would stumble with my words, try to excuse myself for something more urgent, 
or just make something up}

It was at this time that I realized that God needed to be showing me something on a regular basis!

Not just so I could have an answer for my friend – but because she knew, and I did too, that God desperately wanted to talk with me and show me great & wonderful things that I did not know (Jeremiah 33:3).  Today, I can’t get enough of what God wants to show me.  Usually when reading my Bible, I won’t get up until God has spoken directly to me!

So.. today I want to encourage you to do more than just share on your blog – or share with others what God is showing you – but rather to get up from your computer and ASK!  Ask those around you what God is showing them!

You can ask this question in just about any setting… while shopping, while on the phone, while waiting to pick up your kids from school, in passing at church.  

The point is… just ask!  They may not say much at the time – but 2 things happen as a result of the asking…
  1. They will more than likely think about it long after their conversation with you is over.
  2. They will know you as a person whom God speaks to often.  You might just become a mentor and example to them in the process!

You might just change their view of God and their very life!

So… to get things started in the right direction…

What has God been teaching you lately?

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