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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What do you open first?

Whew!  I'm not sure what part of my day is the most hectic - mornings or evenings?  Mornings are filled with many personal activities plus getting kids dressed and out the door... evenings are filled with dinner, homework, piano, T-Ball, bath-time, story-time, etc.

So this morning as I realized my alarm was going off at 4:30am... I ran through my list - prayer time, write my blog, exercise, pack kids backpacks, pack my own necessities for a day of subbing at the high school, you know this really could go on and on...

I was extremely tempted to open Facebook and email to see what had gone on overnight.  I love watching Fox News - so I really wanted to turn on the TV to get caught up in the news department.  I wanted to turn on my treadmill and get that knocked out first.  I for sure wanted to turn on the coffee pot and get that brewing so I could function for the rest of the morning!

What do you turn on or open first?

My Rockstar (my husband) always had a personal rule - and he did his best to pass on to me - that he would only first open his Bible before "opening" or "turning on" anything else.  He knew that in order to properly function throughout the day - his Bible and time with God had to come first!  He always used to say, "Before I open my computer, before I open the door to my office, before I open up voicemail - I open my Bible to listen to God first!"

I recently heard a cable TV commercial.  The lady in the ad says this, "The first thing I turn on every day is my TV - and right after that, it's my computer."  This ad encourages us to put a tangible thing first!  How backwards!

I must admit this is often a struggle for me - I want to turn on the news, open my Facebook, open my email, open my Twitter, turn on my iPod - all so I can "feel" connected - plugged in to what's going on!

I'm curious this morning... do you struggle with this too?  What do you turn on - or open - first thing in the morning?

Think of the difference we could make for God - or the difference in our very own spirits -  if we opened God's Word before we opened our computers!

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