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Monday, May 23, 2011

" Real Talkin' "

Every job has its own "language."  I'm sure you've experienced this before...  you take a job and learn a whole new world of acronyms which are used much like words in a sentence.  Typically, everyone knows them and throws them around as if you know them as well.

I'm learning day-by-day that teenagers have their own language too.  While having lunch with some other teachers last week, I learned a new "term" if you will.  It's called "real talk" or "real talkin'".

This is how you would use this term properly.  If someone says something to you and if believed it to be true, instead of saying, "that's true," you would say, "now that's some real talkin'."  Or, if you wanted to say, "I'm going to be honest with you..." - instead you would say, "This is real talk..."

So today I thought I might put my new vernacular to use... and give you some "real talk" here at Living Above.

The real talk is that I'm about to head into some very emotional days in the upcoming summer months.  I'm just going to lay it out for you...

June 1 - would have been our 9th Wedding Anniversary
June 19 - our first Father's Day with John being in Heaven
July 7 - his first birthday in Heaven

These days have always been very full.  Typically John would find something that he wanted and instead of 3 presents, he would ask for 1 really big thing.  I loved his heart!  He would search all year that for 1 special gift that he knew he wanted.  He was like a little kid around this time of year.

I'm not dreading these days, for I know I'm not going to be alone.  The kids are wonderfully resilient.  And I've got plans for every single one of them already!

June 1 - I'll be with a friend in Houston who's having a very serious surgery.
June 19 - we'll all be with John's brother and his precious family.  Jordan asked early on if she could call her Uncle Joe - Uncle Daddy - since he's taking care of us like Daddy would have done.
July 7 - we're having a birthday celebration for John at the place where he went Home - with all the people that were there on December 30th.  We have plans to plant a tree and release balloons and just be together again.

As I was reading my One Year Bible, I realized that although "real talkin'" - I've got some difficult days ahead of me... the biggest Real Talk is God's Word.

I knew I wanted to talk about Real Talkin today.  I just hadn't worked it out in my brain yet - but God had - for today in my One Year Bible we started Psalm 119.  I'm sure you know that Psalm 119 is all about His Word.

Check out this Real Talkin'... especially regarding my next couple of months!

Psalm 119:50, 52 (ESV)
This is my comfort in my affliction, 
that your promise gives me life.
When I think of your rules from of old, 
I take comfort, O LORD.

Do you need to hear some "real talk" this morning?  Open His Word.  I promise there is something specifically there for you.  And it will address the very "real talk" of your own life!

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