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Monday, May 16, 2011

"And Mommy..."

I wonder just how many times a day a Mother hears this word, "Mommy."  Either in a whine or a scream... or perhaps in a sweet voice or in an inquisitive tone - we hear this said over and over and over and over.

JP (my four year old son) adds the word "And" to the front of every "Mommy" that is said.  I didn't really notice it until we moved to Lufkin.  My Mom brought it to my attention one day and said, "I can't wait until you write a blog about how he says, "And Mommy..."."

For many weeks I thought, what significant does this even have?  JP acts as if we've never left each other, he talks as if we've been together all day and have had one continuous (long) conversation when he addresses me like this.

I looked up the definition of the word "and" & read that it implies continuation.

Then it hit me!  This is exactly how God wants to be with us.  He wants us to know that He is really is with us all day long.  Wouldn't it be neat if when we started praying, we too say, "And God..." - as if we never stopped talking to Him, that we never even acted as if we had walked away from a conversation with Him?

I read about David this morning in my One Year Bible.  It's a very familiar passage and I almost skimmed it instead of meditating on it.  Then I saw this - and it reminded me of how JP addresses me.

1 Samuel 18:14 (ESV)
And David had success in all his undertakings, 
for the Lord was with him.

"The Lord was with him." David truly walked with the Lord.  We see much of David's prayer times in Psalms and you can almost hear him saying, "And Father"... or "And Abba".

There are times when I hear this from my son that it does not rest sweetly on my spirit.  Sometimes it has a bit of a whiney tone to it... but now, in light of this - I might just have a little bit more patience with him.

I know God is patient with me.  There are days when I feel God's strength filling me and I'm ready to take on this assignment of being a single mother, a widow, a leader in my family and then there are days when I can't believe this is where I am - and I just want to cry to God and say, "And Father.... why does this have to be so hard?!"

But all the while... just as with David - the Lord is with me.  Today I want to talk to Him like JP talks to me - with continuation!  I wonder what He'll show me!

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