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Friday, September 30, 2011

Made More Faithful

Isn't it funny how we're always looking to "what's the next thing" - either on our calendars, schedules, event, you name it.  We get one thing done and we're checking to see what's next.

No wonder we, as a culture have trouble waiting!  We have trouble waiting in the simplest things, like the drive through or at the post office (does anyone ever really still go to this place?), or waiting for something to upload on our iPhone...

Then we really have trouble waiting for the more serious things like finding that next better job, or relationship, or God's next assignment.  We want to know NOW - what the future will bring.

I typically get to school each day no later than 7am.  I like to get into my room and just... be.  I turn on Pandora on my speakers and fill my classroom with "Jesus music" as I like to call it.  I straighten the desks, write the daily objectives on the board, check emails, and finally make sure I have all my copies and notes for the day's lessons.

This week as I was just "being" in my room I heard this song.  I had never heard it before and I actually stopped what I was doing to really listen (something you have time to do when you get there as early as I do - LOL!).

I was captured by the line - "as I'm waiting for You, maybe I'm made more faithful"

Wow!  Isn't this where we all really should want to be.... more faithful.

So in the waiting... we get to be where God ultimately wants us after all.  Interesting isn't it?  Perhaps the end result is not what we thought it was.

I hope you enjoy this song and learn to be faithful in your waiting too.

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