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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Slow Growth?

Someone once told me that the ages 2-4 are the best!  At the time this was said to me I was still potty training JP, so I really didn't buy into the fact that these were the "best years"!

However, now that we've passed that specific milestone, I must admit I'm loving this age.  He still says really cute things.  What makes them so cute is how serious he is about his thoughts!

Just the other day we were either driving down the road or entering church... I can't remember exactly where we were - but more than likely we were in the middle of something else - when all of a sudden, out of no where, JP asked the following question:

"Mommy, why am I growing so slow?"

I tried really hard not to bust out laughing!  Growing slow!  I think not!  From buying new shoes, new pants and other clothes, I can tell you, definitively he is not growing too slow!

My perspective is WAY different from his.  It seemed like just yesterday I was giving birth to him in Houston, TX on a rainy Monday morning.  It took forever (22 months) for him to get his first tooth and I thought he was never going to learn to walk.

And then I blink and he's asking how soon will he be going to Kindergarten!  I know that I'll blink again and he'll be looking at colleges.  I treasure his age and where he is right now.  I absolutely love watching him play with his trains in the living room.  I love listening to him make up new sounds for planes that fly in the air and cars that drive really fast down the tracks he spends hours (ok - long minutes) making.

And yet... from his perspective he's growing slowly.

I know I'm the exact same way with my Lord.  I want to know just how long things are going to stay like they are now.  How long will my heart hurt?  How long must I watch wonderful things happen to other people while I am required to put my dreams aside?

I've often asked God can I please just have a glimpse of what tomorrow is going to look like for me.  I have many many questions - we all do.  I guess in some strange way, I'm asking JP's question to God.

"Why are my times moving so slowly?!"

But the Bible says that our times are but a hand breadth to Him.  They're not moving slowing from His perspective.  In fact, I read this verse about our times just this week...

Isaiah 33:6 (ESV)
He will be the stability of your times, 
abundance of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge.

Stability of my times.  
Yes, I could use a good dose of stability.  How about you?

I don't want JP to grow up too quickly.  Mainly because I know there are things he needs to learn now in order to be a productive grown-up.  God doesn't want me to get ahead of Him or His plan either.  He knows there are experiences that He needs me to encounter in order to be a productive servant in His Kingdom.

So... for now, I will wait on the Lord...

Isaiah 40:31 (ESV)
But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength

I must admit - this is a hard one for me.  I can do it.  I will do it.
And yet, I still struggle with this.  Does anyone else?

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