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Friday, August 5, 2011

Here Goes...

Well, I guess this week has been a wonderful indicator that a new routine and a new schedule is going to be a MUST in my life.  I got back from Disney World on Sunday night, Jordan started a Little Drill Team camp on Monday and I started working in my new classroom.

Wednesday & Thursday were required work days - meetings all day - for the teachers.  And here it is Friday.  I'm just now finding time to get to one of my favorite places... Living Above.

Please don't equate my absence from my blog as absence from the Lord.  I've still been reading my One Year Bible... but then jet setting off to parts of my new life.

I have to admit... honestly here - that I'm a bit nervous.  I've been in my classroom, I've been around my new co-workers, so I've had a very small taste of the new world I'm about to enter.  I'm both excited and nervous.

I feel like I have a HUGE "unknown" awaiting me.  My Math brain wants desperately to solve for this unknown - this "X" if you will.

So, on this Friday... I thought this song was very fitting.  Enjoy!

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