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Monday, August 8, 2011

Set... Do... Teach!

You've probably heard, "Game - Set - Match" to indicate a tennis victory.  I read something in my prayer time this morning that sounded very similar.

Just two weeks from today I will be standing before many new bright & shiny 9th grade faces - ready to learn Integrated Chemistry & Physics (IPC) - right?  Probably not.  I know that Science is not most kids' favorite subject.  I also know I will probably be facing an uphill battle in truly reaching these kids this next year.

Therefore, I'm praying for all of them now!  I know I have a HUGE task before me.  While I was reading my Bible this morning, I noticed that Ezra likewise had a HUGE task before him.  I read about his strategy and am officially adopting it as my own. (I've heard in the education world when you see something you like - and that works... you copy it!)

Ezra 7:10 (ESV)
For Ezra had set his heart to study the Law of the Lord, 
and to do it and to teach His statutes and rules in Israel.

Okay... just a little background info here - Ezra is a direct descendant to Aaron... the priest!  So wouldn't you say that Ezra probably knew the "Law of the Lord" backwards & forwards??!!

I would think "yes".  However, he knew that his task of restoring the Temple after the Babylonian Exile would be great - too great for him  - all by himself.  Therefore he "set his heart" on studying God's Word - even more!

But he didn't stop there!  Oh how I wish I could just sit in a comfy spot and read and read (surrounded by quiet of course - LOL).  Doesn't that sound delightful?!  However, after setting his heart to studying, he then says he will "do it."

Wow!  To "do" God's Word... now there's the hard part.  What does it "look" like to "do" God's Word.

Already I'm beginning to get a picture of my classroom.  I've studied the content.  I've attended many courses on how to manage the students - and now it's getting close to time to actually "do" school.  I can't just think and pray for these new students, I actually have to face them!

And finally Ezra's strategy ends with something very powerful.  So far he has set his heart to study and to do God's Word.  To conclude his preparation he sets his mind to "teach" God's laws.  We must make a habit of reproducing what God has done in our own lives.  Today we follow the example of the heros of the faith in scripture.  Don't think for one moment that God doesn't want to use you & I as well - to teach His laws to those who come after us!

You are an influencer whether you like it or not!  You are teaching just by the way you live.... so what are you teaching?!

So here you have it... 

Set - Do - Teach! 

I believe Ezra had it going on!  I also believe he had things in the right order.  To set my heart towards God.  Then... go and obey.  Then... go & teach!

I'm looking forward to applying Ezra's strategy not only to my classroom of Science students - but to my daily walk with the Lord in the every day stuff of life!

Now that is a strategy for victory!

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