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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kin Selection

Okay, I need to make this quick.... as I'm up very early  - still studying for my test.

Yesterday I worked on Genetics & Evolution, and I came across a definition that really struck my heart as I was learning its meaning.

Kin Selection:
Strategies in evolution that favor reproductive success of an organism's relatives, even at a cost to their own survival and or reproduction.  For example... sterile female insects act as workers to assist their mother in the production of additional offspring.  They enhance others to keep the species growing, even at their own expense.

Wow!  Ladies, this happens naturally, or you might say, innately.

I had to ask myself, do we as humans do this?  Does this only have to happen in insects?!  Can we, as Christians help those in the very areas where we are deficient?  Where we are experiencing a loss ourselves?

Can infertile mothers help and love on pregnant women?  Can I, a recent widow, still teach young wives how to love their husbands?  The obvious answer is YES!  If insects can do it - surely God can help us to love our "kin"!

I know that just because John is living in Heaven doesn't mean that I can no longer pass along the wisdom the Lord taught me about being a good wife.  It is still my heart's desire for wives everywhere to love their husbands.  I want the "species" of husband-loving wives to continue to grow - even in the midst of my own personal pain.

What about you?  Is there an area where you are struggling?  It could be that God wants you to help in that very area!  At the very least, it's something to think about.

Interesting... maybe we'll even come up with a new term...

Christian Kin Selection

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