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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Take the Hill!

Thanks for visiting my blog today!  Most of the time I share with you here something the Lord has shown me in my prayer time.  I give you a verse that, more than likely, I've just recorded in my personal journal.

However, today, I'm going to share with you a story.  It's something I lean on when times get really tough. It's a story, that I was just reminded of this morning by a dear friend from Houston (Thanks Melissa!) - and I needed to hear it again today - and thought you might benefit from it as well.

Several years ago (way before children) John & I competed in triathlons.  We were training for our very first race and decided to go train on the actual race path.  The race was held in Austin, Texas... which is EXTREMELY hilly!  There was one spot along the route that had a HUGE hill!

The hill was not necessarily the only problem.  Right before the hill was a sharp right turn.  So you had to slow down on your bike to take the turn, and then IMMEDIATELY begin your massive ascent up the hill.

I had heard about this hill, so I was doing the best I could to make the appropriate shifts with my gears and all the other adjustments to my riding, that would get me up this hill.  John had no problems.... before I knew it he was at the top.

Me?  Mid-hill I decided to stop.  I even got off my bike.  My legs were killing me, I was completely out of breath, I felt I had nothing left in me to make this happen!  My plan was to walk my bike to the top of what seemed like a mountain.

As I looked up, about to start walking this bike,  John began to yell at me to get back on the bike.  He just kept saying, "You're going to do this!  Take the hill, Penny! I'm not going to let you fail!"  He said this over and over.  I began to cry, "I can't do this!  It's too hard!"

His only response was, "Take the hill!"

Well... I did end up getting back on the bike.  With every bit of strength I had in my weak legs I "took the hill".  And then we trained on that hill every day until the race.  I was still nervous about that very spot on race day - but as I rode my bike there, I heard John's words, "Take the hill!"

This morning as I was praying over this Science Test that is my immediate future.  This test that will determine my future as a Science Teacher in a tough economic time, this test that includes subjects and formulas that I don't remember at all from college, this test that I only have one chance to take before the deadline.... my friend reminded me of this story.

And once I again, I heard John's voice in my head saying, "Take the hill!"

I believe the Lord wants us as well to STAY ON THE BIKE  and not just walk it up the hill - I believe He's standing up at the top of our scary "mountain" saying, "get back on.... you can do this... I'm not going to let you fail!"

If you're facing a mountain today will you TAKE THE HILL with me!  Let's ride this path together & share our stories of victory on the other side!

What's your "hill" today?

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