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Saturday, July 31, 2010

What do I know of Holy?

Recently, I was asked at our weekly church staff meeting,

"What is God showing you, teaching you in your life this week?"

Currently I'm leading two studies.  A weekly study on the names of God and a Sunday morning study on the Lord's Prayer.  I've been amazed at how the two work so much in concert!

If you read some of the prayers of the Old Testament men & women they almost ALWAYS praise and recognize God for being the Maker of heaven & earth.  They recognize many of the acts of kindness that He showed their ancestors.  It dawned on me that I rarely do this!   I mean, before you pray for your family, your friends, and the concerns and needs of your own life do you start off by Hallowing His name and praise Him for creating all life?

This past week I learned about Jehovah-mekoddishkem - The God Who Sanctifies.  Sanctify means to be set apart - to be holy.  Our God is holy and has called us to live a life of holiness as well.

So, my answer to the question put before me in our staff meeting, was that I am stopping to recognize His holiness in my prayers!  To take the time to praise Him for who He is and who He wants to be in my life.

This song, for me brings it all into perspective.  
Do you have a favorite song that helps you bring who God is into full perspective?  
Share it with me!  I love worshiping through music!!!

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Grace Wheeler said...

I'm so glad you shared that song! I had never heard it--I love worshiping to music too! Great post here...His holiness is such a hard thing to grasp!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! You totally encouraged me today! Blessings!

Theresa said...

I love singing "Our God Reigns". Really I have so many that I love, but that one came to mind.

Sharon said...

Many times praying the Lord's Prayer I have had to start over after realizing that I didn't even remember saying "hallowed be Thy Name". Thank you for the reminder to always recognize His holiness.

Sara said...

In the Methodist tradition we believe in three types of grace; prevenient, justifying and sanctifying. John Wesley believed that it was that sanctifying grace that helped us move on toward perfection. Through the Spirit, God sanctifies us.

In doing a Disciple bible study we focused on the Lord's Prayer for a lesson--totally changed the way I pray. Praise first, always. A few songs I love are "I Am" by Mark Shultz and "My Savior, My God" by Aaron Schust.

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