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Friday, July 23, 2010

"He asked me out!"

Do you remember waiting with anticipation for a guy to ask you out?  You hoped he would.  You knew he probably would... and then the phone rings!  What a feeling of wonderment, relief, and excitement all wrapped up together!

All of that made dating fun.  One of the things that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE about my husband is that for the past 8 years of marriage - he as asked me out on a date every weekend!  He hasn't missed one single weekend - since we started "officially" dating (so I guess he's been doing this more like 10 years)!  Oh!  And he doesn't ask me as we're on our way to dinner or wherever we're going - just to get the question in... he actually calls my cell phone, in the middle of the week.  It's really cute, he usually will say something like this...

(phone rings)

Me:  Hello?
Hubby:  Hey there beautiful.
Me:  Hey!
Hubby:  I've got a question for ya! (sounding very sweet)
Me:  Okay.... 
Hubby:  Will you go out with me this weekend?
Me:  I would LOVE to!

(then the conversation proceeds into is a babysitting date 
or an "in-home-turn-our-living-room-into-dinner-and-a-movie" date)

It may seem silly - but I loved him calling to ask me out while dating and I actually still enjoy it 10 years later!

What do you do to keep your marriage cute and fun?  
Do you still date? 

I would love to hear what you do to keep your marriage alive & healthy!

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Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

That is so sweet! Because of my husband's disability, our dates have to be spontaneous when he's feeling good enough to get out. However, since he knows how much I enjoy it, he loves to make me coffee. Even if I get up earlier than he, I wait to have my cup of coffee, so he can make it for me.

If I'm out running errands, he'll call me just to say, "I Love You." I'm married to the best guy in the world! :o)

Rev. John Franklin said...

Hey Beautiful... I've got a question for you...

Will you go out with me next weekend? (tonight being already spoken for of course!)

Ich Liebe Dich!!!


Katharine said...

I LOVE date night...ours is every Friday. Once when things were especially crazy(I think between kids 3&4) He filled up a large rain barrel and floated an old wine bottle containing a love note...requesting a date with me! Best message in a bottle I ever got!

Sharon Cohen said...

That was wonderful! That kind of behavior will keep you young for a long, long time.

To keep our marriage "cute and fun" is more about keeping that sense of wonder - that amazement at our union. My husband tells anyone who will listen how much he loves his wife - bus riders, bus drivers, customers at the store. He beams when he can introduce me to someone - like I'm the most important thing that ever happened to him in life.

One day I recognized that he is the most important thing to happen to me (aside from finding Jesus) so why wasn't I screaming it from the rooftops like he is. So that's what I do now.

And yes, we still date. We have a date every Monday night, regardless. Regardless.

Jennifer said...

So sweet. Love that your husband commented on here! Thanks for coming by my blog!


grandmotherpic said...

You youngins are so cute with your date night selves!!. But me and Papa have been married almost 45 yrs(Nov) and Friday night is still considered "date night" although he doesn't do any of those romantic things; every Friday morning he always asks: Should I be ready to go out or will you be too tired? Or simply: Is it here or El Chicos? If it's home he has the kitchen clean and if its out he's dressed in his casual best (which sometimes I cringe),but it's soooo important that you do this whether it's 5 or 45. I love reading what young folks that love the Lord and each other are doing. Thanks for sharing..

Barbie said...

I love that your husband calls you and asks you out every week. That is the sweetest thing I've heard all week!

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