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Monday, July 26, 2010

Don't step on my rainbow!!

Recently the kids were in desperate need to get out of the confines of the house.  You know what I'm referring to here - they would not stop running, screaming, getting into each other's stuff and in general "not playing well with others" as the age old report cards used to read.

So we found some sidewalk chalk and headed for our big New Orleans front porch.  I grabbed my Bible Study book, bible, pens and highlighters, and of course a cup of coffee and out the front door we went.  JP, our 3 year-old son, proceeded to run (in his words) "super fast" back and forth.  Jordan found her a sweet spot (right in the middle no less) to create her masterpieces.

It was really quite pleasant.  We live on a corner of a cul-de-saq and a busy road through a beautiful part of New Orleans.  I enjoyed listening to the kids play and watching the cars go by as I learned more about the many names of God and the kids enjoyed the fresh air and change of scenery.

Then, as it was time to go in and gear up for the "next thing" for the day (not sure if it was lunch, dinner, or potty time - but nevertheless it was time to go in) it happened!  Yes, our front porch is rather large and should have been big enough to give both kids plenty of room to "do their thing" - but as we were about to walk into the house I heard Jordan scream, "No!  Don't step on my rainbow!!!"

Yes, in the moment I was able to handle this little brother-older sister scuffle.  However, I have not been able to get that exclamation out of my head.  "Don't step on my rainbow!"  Jordan had worked very hard to put the colored chalk curves in just the proper ROYGBIV color order.  She was very intentional and meticulous about every aspect of her drawing.  So of course she's going to react when JP stepped on it.

I realized that there are times when I too want to scream, "Don't step on my rainbow!"  Now, it might not be a childlike drawing on the front porch - but we all do things that we put are hearts into, that we spend valuable time investing into the creation of it all - and we don't want someone to just nonchalantly walk on it, over it, or even by it without first noticing its beauty.

Today, be intentional about noticing the rainbows in the lives of your loved ones!  Paul tells us to build up and edify one another.  So before you head back in the house - off to your next thing - look before you step and recognize the rainbows around you!

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grandmotherpic said...

Wow, daughter what a word. Today however I must confess that I'm stepping thru the puddles that the rain made before the rainbow. It is so easy to "step on someone's rainbow" because others cannot get in our head or heart.Only God can do that. So what a good word of reminder about building one another up and being careful not to trample on their rainbows that maybe God gave just for them... or maybe God gave for them to share. Hope I see a rainbow today..

Our Family said...

Thank-you for this sweet reminder to take notice of the "rainbows" around us- so often we don't even notice the time & effort others have put into something!
Have a great day!

Theresa said...

Yes, thanks for the reminder to look for the rainbows!

Ella said...

Penny a timely word.

Sara said...

That is so awesome!! Thank you for that reminder today.

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