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Monday, July 12, 2010

From Mommy to Mamma... Sad or Sign of Maturity?

Well, I think it's here to stay.  My daughter is a high spirited, beautiful on the inside out outside 6 year old.  With the introduction of Pre-K, and Kindergarten, she's definitely NOT sheltered anymore and is learning new things from her friends and classmates.  She has tested out saying, "Mamma" before, but it never really stuck!  I was thankful!  I just love hearing, "Mommy."  It has such a sweet innocent sound to it, don't you think?  At the time, she was young enough for me to tell her that she still needed to call me, "Mommy."  But, at 6 years old, and the fact that she's continued to call me, "Mamma", call weekend - I think it may be time for me to recognize that my little girl is growing up. 

(insert tears here)

I just couldn't seem to get past how I really prefer "Mommy" to "Mamma" until I remembered the Bible studying that I'm leading the women through at our church.  It's Kay Arthur's, "Lord, I Want to Know You."  In this study, we're learning all about the Old Testament names of God.  My own prayer time since this study began, has been deeply enriched - just by knowing my God better!  I now know that I can call on my El Elyon when I need to know that He is sovereign, I can cry out to my El Roi, when I need to know that He sees me and all that I'm going through.

I believe that it is a sign of my spiritual maturity when I can call on the many different names of my God.  It shows that I'm gaining more of an understanding of who He is and His character as I call on my than, "Dear Jesus" in my prayers.  I think it's music to God's ears when I call on His name that is specific to what's going on in my life!  He sees that I'm really "getting" who He is!!!

Interesting how this might relate to my daughter's maturing isn't it?  So, is it sad that she no longer wants to call me "Mommy" or should I celebrate her growing up and wanting to get to know me on a whole new level?  I wonder how "Mamma" relates differently to her than "Mommy?" 

For one, she & I are going to start having a Saturday morning time together - just she & I.  Right now, as a grown adult, I talk to my Mom every Saturday morning on the phone.  We don't miss this time together!  It is WAY TOO precious to us both.  I want to start this now with my daughter!  I want her to know that a relationship with me can be a precious time for us both as well! 

So this Saturday - Jordan & Mamma, are going out for coffee & orange juice!

What about you?  If you've gone through this transition of Mommy to Mamma - how did you handle it?  Any words of wisdom for us Mothers-of-young-children-growing-up-faster-than-our-hearts-can-handle?

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Ben and Trina said...

I know exactly what you mean. I am momma to both of my boys instead of mommy and it was a weird transition for me. Every once in a while, Tyler will throw out MOM!!! Oh goodness, I am not ready for mom. He will be 9 in August. How quickly it goes.
Wish I would have gotten in on this bible study before it started. I think I heard about it too late. I still think I'm going to buy the book though.
Love you Pen!!

grandmotherpic said...

Your nephews were calling their Mommy Mom this year at Grandmother camp. I made the mistake of mentioning their Mommy and they reminded me that she is now Mom!! Of course they are boys and thought that it was just more manly to say Mom. I can't believe that our little girly Jordan is already saying Mamma and maybe even Mom soon!! Ack!! Daughter girl, this is the opposite of "Jordan I'm on the phone", Jordan go play in your room, Jordan can't you do anything without mommy. (This is what you've been praying for, right?) Next thing you know it will be, Mom, I'm on the phone, No mam, I do not want to ride to the store with you, and then before you know it will be "Yes mam I'll be happy to go to the store for you, I'll just pick up Candance on my way and we'll be back pretty soon." Ok, Ok, I know I'm over-exaggerating Mamma from Mommy, but I bet you'll be the first to remember this little post not too many years hence. Hang on for the ride of your life... I just pray that I'm around to see it. Ha!! Love ya!!

Trina said...

Oh Penny, I can relate. All my kids for the most part still call me Mommy or Mommiiieeeeeeee (Taryn). They asked me one day why I call my Mom - Mom and I told them that I'd always called her that. I'd never called her Mommy or Mamma. Kiarra recently started calling me Mamma and I like it. I actually think it's a southern thing because no one in the midwest calls their parents Mommy, Mamma or Daddy. Here in Texas and for sure in LA, everyone does, actually Jeff still calls his Mom - Mama (one "m" - yes I was corrected on that one time - whatever LOL)... Taryn calls me Mama when we are playing house but Jayden still always calls me Mommy. They are definately not allowed to call me Mom until they are grown and have kids of their own.

~Stacy said...

This speaks closely to me... I'm in the newest stage of having my oldest look down at me as he says mom with a deep voice. bittersweet. I must remember to cherish every stage. It goes by so quickly. So glad to have connected with you through ifellowship! I also did the Names of God study a few years ago and it was wonderful!! We weren't meant to remain babes... but to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ day by day. Our children are not meant to remain babes forever either.(I'm not sure if that reminder was directed more toward you, or toward myself. haha!)God bless!

SomeGirl said...

I've been thinking about suggesting Mama, since I've become "Mom" lately to my soon-to-be 8 year old. I prefer Mama to Mom any day... "Mom" leads to "Mother." yuck! ;) ♥ Michelle

Happy iFellowship Day!

AubreyRose @ My Simple Everyday said...

What a sweet post! Not a mom (yet), but I remember my mom telling me when I switched from "Mommy" to "Mama" to "Mom"... I can imagine how hard it must be, but no matter what she calls you she will always unconditional love you. Found you via NewFriend, Fridays.

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