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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Tuesday @ my desk

I absolutely LOVE our house!  I love many things about it.  It's about 80+ years old, it's in a great neighborhood in a beautiful part of New Orleans, it has big front porch with big white columns - but one of my most favorite things is what I like to call... The Mommy Desk.

Every Mommy needs a Mommy Desk.  It's a desk in the kitchen!  What a concept!

Today, I'm working on my Bible Study class that meets tomorrow morning and I'm also working on our upcoming Ladies Retreat planned for the Fall.  So I've got my journal, Bible, study material, computer, and a nice glass of water...  just enjoying a Tuesday at my desk!

Yes, just like any Mommy, I have times away from my desk to get popsicles, change the Barbie movie, play a game of catch, help with a craft or two, get more juice
- but all in all - it's just a nice Tuesday - at my favorite spot in the house!

How are you spending your Tuesday?

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cfoxes33 said...

I worked, then am spending the evening with my kids and hubby.

Our Family said...

I think I need a mommy desk now! :)

Katharine said...

I spent some of mine in bed (nasty headache) but now I am up and better, and I love the mommy desk idea!

Theresa said...

I wish we had room in the kitchen for a desk, such a neat idea. I spent the day rushing around. Taking the kids to swimming lessons, then VBS,then to buy a present, then home, then picked up the kids, lunch, birthday party, dinner, laundry, showers, and now get them to bed. It was a very busy day. Usually our days are not like this, and I am exhausted!

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