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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A very loved & trusted friend!

In the spirit of making new friends....

I thought I would introduce to you 2 of our family friends.  Please meet "Boppy", the small purple rabbit and "Bear-Bear", the vintage Pooh Bear.  Boppy came from Wal-Mart and was given to my daughter (who is now 6 years old) at a baby shower before she was ever born and "Bear-Bear" was delivered by Santa on my son's very first Christmas (he's now 3 1/2 years old).

These are very very loved friends and must accompany my children to bed - no matter where they go!  They bring them much comfort after a bad dream and ensure a restful night the rest of the times.  We've gone to great lengths to find them when they got lost and they have been washed in the washing machine more times that I care to recall!

I'm wondering... do your kids still "hang out" with their very best friend?  

What is your story with friends like these?   

What is their most precious child-given name?  
What is the strangest place you have lost them?  
And how long can I expect them to have this friendship?  
In other words... will they take Boppy & Bear-Bear to college?

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Jennifer said...

Mr. Bear and Lucy are two identical pink Beanie Baby bears (the large kind) that can only be told apart by the thread unraveling on Lucy's mouth. Two were bought in case one got lost. And now, my 6 y.o. daughter still sleeps with them. My son, almost 4, loves his satiny blue "blanky" still. No matter when they lose interest in those things, I'll be keeping them forever.


Meghan said...

Thanks for joining in iFellowship! We always love to see your link up. I love your blog! Thanks again.


Ann said...

Hey Penny,
My son has a stuffed bear he was gave when he was 10 months old. He is now 15 and he refuses to part with it. He still sleeps with it every night. My son is a very sentimental young man and I guess he likes to keep things that remind him of when he was little. He also has a school project he and I created together years ago. He will not part with that either.

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Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying the iFellowship - just the thing for someone nosey like me who is fascinated by glimpses into other people hearts. You post makes me miss Baldy Ted, a well loved but long gone old friend!

Homemaker Honey said...

Hello! Popping in from iFellowship at Seeds of Faith Women! Hope you find time to stop by Homemaker Honey and say, "G'Day!"

Enjoy this day the Lord had made!
Homemaker Honey

Joy said...

awww..how sweet. yes, my 4 children all have something that means the world to them. I even have mine from when I was a child. Great memories..

Stopping by from iFellowship!

Sharon Cohen said...

Wonderful memories flooded my mind as I tried to read your post through my tears.

My daughter received a large bear during her first year. She named him "Radar" after Big Bird's bear on Sesame Street. Radar was with my daughter up to her 25th birthday - accompanying her even when she flew across the country to meet her future in-laws. It was not until she was preparing for her honeymoon that her groom insisted that Radar be left behind for the first time. Radar is now being carefully stored and is brought out on occasion to share in the tales of childhood that my daughter now shares with her children. I still love Radar.

I dropped by to visit your blog on the recommendation of iFellowship. I should have brought a box of kleenex. Thank you.

Joy Tamsin David said...

Awww, cute post. Your story reminds me of the Toy Story 3 movie I just watched with my sons.

One of my twins carried a Woody doll around with him everywhere. He used to call it his "boy" and if we lost his boy we were in trouble.

Joy (from iFellowship)

My other son had a stuffed lion that he named Slinge.

Unfortunately, they're entering 4th grade and no, they don't still carry them around.

So it was bittersweet for me to see TS3 b/c Andy grows up just like my kids are doing.

Michelle said...

Hi Penny! Very cute post. My two are still little. My oldest has a gund 'Spunky' dog but he named him Tiffle. My youngest hasn't really picked just one special friend. She changes her picks daily. She's hasn't yet wanted to name anything just yet. Sometimes she'll ask what something is called and I'll either ask her what they should be called or help her think up something or tell her the name it was given but nothing has really stuck and are subject to change as well! Very fun post, thanks!

~Amy~ said...

Hi Penny!
So glad i found your blog through iFellowship! Loved the xute story! My 3 year old daughter is VERY attaached to her soft pink blankie. She doesn't "call"it anything other than her pink blankie, but it goes EVERYWHERE with her! :)
My son, who is 1,doesn't have any attachments yet, other than me! LOL! Curious to see what he may choose as his "best buddy"!
God Bless!

BONNI said...

All 8 of my children still have their 'Special' baby blankets!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

Katharine said...

I remember so well, big bear, blankie, mary and wolf. They were so well used and loved that they eventually fell apart! We once lost Mary in between two folded clean towels, put away in the linen closet... longest night of my life..(we went out the next day to "buy back up friends"

grandmotherpic said...

Heh, daughter girl, I think of your sisters' peanuts sheet. It has been with her forever. She took it on her honeymoon 11 years ago. She even brings it everytime she comes home of course you know she is almost 36 yrs old. I'm sorry I cannot remember what yours was because you didn't keep it forever, but I can see Boppy in the luggage when Jordan gets married!! Do you really think he will live that long or go to Boppy heaven before that day comes??

Our Family said...

One of our girls has a little lamb too- his name is "Bah" not very original, I know :)
Have a wonderful day!

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by with iFellowship. I love the opportunity to meet everyone! My daughter actually just got two new stuffed animals when we were in Orlando and they are going everywhere now. We are in the middle of a move so most things are packed away.

Sue said...

Precious picture! My son still has some special friends that he loves to keep near him and he's in 5th grade. I was wondering when he was going to grow out of it myself. I guess that I'll have to keep you posted. :)

Rev. John Franklin said...

I'm not sure who would be more sad to see them go, them or me! I don't think I'll ever forget looking for Boppy through the entire mall or making that mad dash back to the library to save her from certain janitorial disposition before they closed.

Here's to the memories!

Sheri said...

My oldest son had "Mouse" (A hippo) We don't know what happened to him, he disappeared one day.
My second son has "Poor" (A polar bear) and my youngest has "Licky" (A monkey). They are well worn and slept with daily.
My husband had/still has "Gentle Ben" and I had/still have " Kitty Spots".

My daughter. Not a toy girl. LOL

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Great to meet you! My daughter has a fleece tied blanket that I made her years ago that she takes with her. She is 15 and even took it to the hospital just the other day.

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