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Monday, July 19, 2010

Today's Excuse...

Buzz... Buzzz... off goes my alarm @ 4:30am.  Don't freak out... this is the normal time I set my alarm for the weekdays.  Why you ask?  It's really important to me to pray & exercise BEFORE my children get up - and I have early risers in my house. 

Once I started doing this, I got rather used to the early hour and came to actually enjoy a quiet house all to myself.  It's actually what motivates me to get up!  I know that these are the precious few hours that our house will be quiet enough for me to hear from God and do those dreaded sit-ups and lunges without assistance from my daughter who, by the way, can do them faster and better than me - or free from juice and snack requests.

However, lately, I've been heavy on the prayer time and thin on the exercise time.  It all started with a hurt in my back.  So I took a few days off - "to let it rest".  Then our schedule just got plain crazy!  And I wasn't getting enough sleep.  So I took a few days off "to catch up on my sleep".  And you know the rest from here.

I finally realized that there will always be SOMETHING going on to keep me from doing what I KNOW I need to do.  If I wait for the time to be perfect for me to exercise - I'll still be waiting when Jesus returns!

This morning I read a great verse to motivate me back into what I know I need to be doing.  It's a rather famous verse - but I just love those "oldie but goodies".

1 Chronicles 28:20 (ESV)
Then David said to Solomon his son, "Be strong & courageous and do it.  Do not be afraid and do not be dismayed, for the Lord God, even my God, is with you.  He will not leave you or forsake you, until all the work for the service of the house of the Lord is finished."

Okay okay!  Be strong & courageous!  Get up from this comfy chair and get up and do your lower body weights!  Don't be afraid of the pain and do not be dismayed by the number on the scale!  My God will be with me until all the weight has been lost!

Silly, I know!  But it worked for me in the moment!  You know... making God's words more than just words on a page.

What are you putting off?  What is your excuse for today?  I say, "for today" - because you know there will only be another one waiting for you tomorrow!  Don't let Satan deceive you into thinking that you have plenty of time to do what God has called you to do! 

Be strong & courageous and do it!!!  No excuses!

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grandmotherpic said...

Oh, and ouch and oh me!!. Do I ever need this today. You do know that your mother is a procrastination peacock. I can strut tomorrow with Scarlet until the cotton weaves itself. It is a besetting sin. And if you think about it, it just might be the bedrock of a lot of other besetting sins. Ok, I am going to try to do something about this one, but not tonight. I'll wait til tomorrow. LOL!! See! I told you ... Love ya, and thanks for reminding us of the hard stuff which is what everyday is made of, but with His Spirit and His Word we are more than conquerors.Love ya.

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