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Thursday, July 15, 2010

More than just words on a page

One of my most favorite things to do is bring God's Word to the here and now.  I love reading my Bible.  It's something that I do not sacrifice - even if I have to read it in my closet, in the bathroom or in the midst of cartoons - I still read.  It's that important to me.

But I never read for "just reading sake."  Or to check a box and tell God, "Okay, I got that over with - now I can get on with the rest of my day".

In fact, I never want to "get over" reading God's word!  For my personal devotional time each morning I read my One Year Bible.  I have been reading my Bible in this manner since 1998.  And after almost 12 years of spending time with God like this, I always find something new and fresh.

One of the things that I teach the ladies in my church is that I want God's Word to be so much more than just words on a page.  I want them to really mean something when I get up from my desk and close my Bible.  I want them to truly be applicable to my current circumstances.  I don't want to just nod my head in agreement, say, "Boy, that's a good verse" - and then just close it up and not even barely remember what I just read.

I want what He says to apply somehow to how I take care of our home, how I love my husband, how I parent and guide our children and how I live around those who don't know Christ.

So this morning I was reviewing some of the recent things God has shown me in my prayer time.  As I was doing this, I shared with the Lord that I'm really very tired.  I know that there is laundry to do and a Sunday lesson to put together - but I've got a big 'ol case of the "I don't wannas!"

Then I found this:
Proverbs 18:9 (ESV)
Whoever is slack in his work is a brother to him who destroys.


So... in the spirit of making God's word so much more than words on a page.  I thanked God for the kick in the pants that I needed, for the spiritual version of an energy drink - and I'm up and off to the laundry room!

If you don't hear from me tomorrow - will someone please call to check on me - just to make sure the washing machine didn't eat me or something?!

Today - don't be lazy - go and find the energy you need from the Lord and stay far far away from anything that destroys!!!

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Katharine said...

Good Morning, and thanks for a good word!So glad you stopped by yesterday...I am amazed by all the things God is opening up in this crazy world of blogging...he is good~always! Blessings on your day (and your laundry ~lol)

Bonni said...

Great post!

Our Family said...

Thank-you for the wise words! You should see my pile of "I don't wannas" laundry spread all across our family room :)

Sara said...

Okay, I'm totally convicted!! Sometimes my Bible reading becomes more like something I need to check off a list, although God always speaks to me through it. And the "I don't wanna's" have definitely been a part of my life the past week or so! Wow! You have given me a WORD today!!

Ron Cooper said...

I’m following you now on New Friend Friday! Please follow me back on my blog “Inspire!”



Anonymous said...

Hi - I'm a new follower! This looks like such a beautiful blog - one I'll enjoy keeping up with. Please stop by mine as well... www.openbookgirls.com and our ministry blog is www.ourfamilyonmission.com

Barbara said...

I'm visiting from NFF. I find your blog very interesting.

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