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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

He's still your Daddy...

Wow!  It's Tuesday and I promised this blog would go out Sunday afternoon.  Where did the time go?

I know many of you prayed for our first Father's Day with John in Heaven and I want to thank you!  Your prayers were felt more than you know!  We all truly enjoyed a happy day.

I wanted to share with you just a little about our day - so you can see the benefits of your prayers.

We decided to spend the weekend with John's brother - Joe - and his family, who live in Brownwood, TX. They have a son about a year older than Jordan and all three play well together.

We arrived on Friday afternoon and immediately they wanted to go swimming!  What fun for them after being in the car 5 hours in the Texas heat!

Just so you know how hot it is in Brownwood...

Saturday was spent just hanging out with family - Joe's family and John's parents as well.   Then came Sunday - Father's Day.

I purchased mylar balloons in all our favorite colors - me - purple, Jordan - pink, JP - green, John - blue.  Then we took a Sharpie and wrote a Happy Father's Day message on them and lifted them into the beautiful sky.

One of the things I shared with the kids before releasing our balloons - and something I have been saying to them since his Homegoing - is that John Franklin will ALWAYS be their Daddy!  Just because he moved to Heaven doesn't make him any less their Dad!

Aren't you glad about this?!  We can't see our Heavenly Father, we don't live with him in the physical realm or sense, we can't sit in His physical lap or hold His physical hand - but my Bible tells me that He is still my Heavenly Father - my Abba - and that He holds my right hand!  Just because I can't see Him doesn't make Him any less my Abba!

So too, the same applies to my children and their earthly Daddy.  We have this conversation often and I reminded them of this special fact as we had our balloon celebration!  We all yelled, "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!" as we let them go!  And most of them cleared the trees!  LOL!

Jordan said the sweetest thing later in the day...  She came to me and we had this conversation...

Jordan:  Mommy, I know that Jesus is with us in this room.

Mommy:  Yes, you're right!

Jordan:  Wouldn't it be a nice thought to think that maybe Daddy 
came with him and they are in this room together?

I just love her sweet little heart!

We had a great day honoring their Daddy.  In addition to all of this - I had the extreme honor and privilege to speak to the congregation at First Baptist Church Brownwood.  They have prayed for me and our wonderful family ardently for the past 6 months.  Their Pastor interviewed.  He allowed me to give a message to Dad's today about how John was a legacy building Dad.

Later in the day we gave gifts to both John's brother and his Dad.  The kids & I both had lots of opportunities for smiles and laughter.  And I know it's all because of your prayers!

Thank you for your investment into our lives - please, please keep praying!  We need them everyday!

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