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Monday, April 18, 2011

What does your Friday hold?

It's Monday morning and I've made coffee, printed off a resume and an application.  Yes, the test has been passed, the program has been entered and now it's time for the next phase of my new life.


As I open my Bible, I'm thinking about my week and all that it holds.  Some days are filled with subbing, others are filled with interviews, the rest are filled with classroom observations required for my Certification Program.  Then there's the extracurricular stuff - T-Ball, piano, & Wednesday night church.

I'm looking forward to almost everything on my schedule this week.

However, before I even began to read my One Year Bible, the Lord laid on my heart what this week looked like for Him so many years ago.  Think about it with me for just a moment.

 Think about how He woke up on a Monday morning, perhaps had a cup of coffee in the morning & pondered on the dinner He would have on Thursday, knowing Peter would deny Him and Judas would betray Him.  I wonder if He shook a bit thinking about all that Friday would hold for Him.

On Monday morning, I wonder if He was still trying to hang on to the wonderful experience of riding into town with everyone praising Him or if His mind had already drifted to long walk to Calvary.

If I, very human and weak, am thinking about my week and all that it holds for me - then I would imagine that Jesus Christ was thinking on Monday morning about His week as well - except He knew EXACTLY how it was all going to end.

Oh the pain He must have felt on Monday morning knowing what was in store for Him on Friday afternoon!

What did Friday hold for Him? 

What did His Friday hold for me? 

As I ponder the things in my week that may seem difficult and hard - nothing compares to the week that Jesus had 2000+ years ago.  And from this, I find strength and life.

Thank you Jesus for walking through that horrible week.... it has been (& continues to be) my very life!

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