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Friday, April 8, 2011

Our First 100 Days...

I'm kind of a numbers person.  I'm certain this doesn't surprise you knowing I like Science & Math.  I've kept up with almost each day, each marker moment that I've continued on this Earth without the love of my life.

Today - my sweet John has lived 100 days in Heaven.  I'm not certain he's aware of days up there - but I'm more than aware of them where I am.

Most Presidents give a "First 100 days in office" assessment or sometimes even a speech.  So today, instead of my regular Friday song - I thought I might do something similar.

Now before you go & get your tissue, I've decided to celebrate this day.  Instead of this being a very sad day - which would be so easy to do by the way, it's Friday Night Date Night and for the past 100 days I've been without my date - I'm going to do my best to find the good in what we've all experienced.

Last night the kids and I began to talk about what today means to us.  We talked about the things we think Daddy might have seen & experienced in his first 100 days in Heaven.  These are some of the things they came up with:

Jordan:  "He's seen God's angels!"

JP:  "He's seen lots & lots of gold!"

Jordan:  "He's been given a crown!"

JP:  "He probably has a golden car!"

Jordan:  "He's seen Jesus!"

JP & Jordan:  "He's probably playing lots & lots of music!"

I was amazed at how we talked about John and Heaven and God with smiles on our faces!  It was a beautiful thing.  Tonight, JP has a T-Ball game, but afterwards we're going to have a little celebration of some sort.  We're going to make tonight special!

Now what about us... what have we experienced in our 100 days without our Daddy and my love... (good things - remember?!)

1.  Jordan just learned she passed a test to enter into a Gifted & Talented school!

2.  I passed a HUGE Science test to enter into an Alternate Certification Program that will allow me to teach any Science in High School.

3.  JP is a natural at T-Ball!  Last week he had a great in-field stop and a fantastic hit!

4.  Jordan is taking piano lessons and has her very first big-time recital on May 21st.

5.  I've joined the choir at church - and I love it!

6.  I'm speaking at a Women's event in New Orleans this weekend and at a MOPS group in May!

7.  Jordan & JP are both beginning to learn to ride bikes without training wheels.

8.  Jordan has her very first loose tooth.

9.  The kids are LOVING all the kids' programs at church:  AWANAs, Children's Choir, GA's, Mission Friends.  They can't wait to get there each week.  And they've made some amazing new friends!

10.  I think the most special thing to report in the first 100 days applies to all three of us... we all have a closer walk with the Lord.  JP & Jordan both recently got new Bibles and they are still using them and reading them.  We all talk about our love for the Lord often!

You can't walk away from something like what we experienced on December 30th and not call it a work of God that we are not bitter and angry at God - or walk away from faith all together!  Instead, because of who He is - we're clinging to Him tighter than ever before!!

Yes, we have hard days.  Yes, we talk about how much we miss John almost every day still!  Yes, my heart aches when I wake up and when I go to sleep.  Sometimes I just start crying out of nowhere - it totally takes me by surprise.

But like the ocean.... there may be turbulence and storms on top - but deep deep down there is peace!

Babe, we miss you like crazy!  But we find comfort knowing where you are and one day we'll meet you at the gates!  I love you more!

For now... I can only imagine what you're seeing and read about it in God's Word... I know you're actually getting to experience it all!  Give me a tour when I get there? I hope so!

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