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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Best Kiss Ever!

Sunday night I spoke at a Friendship Dinner in New Orleans.  I had a blast!!  This is one of the most fun events that I have ever had the joy & honor to be a part of.
The theme was Pinky Promise Friendships and I spoke about loyalty in friendships.  The act of the "pinky link" is kind of like sealing the deal on your promise - the very vow you're making between friends.

I love knowing the history of the "whys" - Why we do the things we do... where the practices came from... it just fascinates me!  So I did a little research on seals.  I wanted to know why we used to use wax seals and why we say "Sealed with a kiss".

Before men and women could read or write they would often sign their name with a simple "X".  We've all heard this before or perhaps seen it in the movies.  However, if what they were signing was a legal document, something binding and official, they would then often kiss the "X" to make it official.  Once they kissed this "X"  the contract could no longer be altered or broken!

This is actually why the minister says at a wedding, "You  may kiss the bride".  It's not so everyone can watch the couple swap spit - LOL!  Thethe flippers kiss "seals" the vow, the promise - showing it can no longer be altered.

Wax seals were used often with scrolls.  We see this being used very often in the Bible.  Once a legal document, decree, or set of instructions had been written, the king would impress his signet ring into the hot moldable wax.  Indicating that this was his final word and what was written inside could not be broken.

I absolutely love the permanence of this visual!  With a seal... the promise cannot be broken.
We can go into any Wal-Mart and buy just about any type of medicine, vitamin, even cosmetics and find a "seal".  

What do we often read on these "seals."
"Invalid if broken"

Ouch!  That's pretty harsh don't you think!  I would imagine you're like me... you've never really given it much thought.    Or perhaps it made tons of sense as you're thinking, "I'm sure it's been altered if the seal is broken - so it might hurt me - there's no way I'm trusting the contents now!"

However, I'm so glad my Lord didn't say our relationship is no longer valid if I broke fellowship with Him!
I may be able to break fellowship or communication with Him due to my sin - but the beautiful part about our Lord -  is His seal is completely unbreakable.

What was His seal? When He died on the cross to save me to an eternity with Him and from my own sin,  and I accepted and confessed this with my mouth - He sealed my future - and it can NEVER be invalidated.  It can never be altered.  It's been sealed with the best kiss ever!

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