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Monday, November 29, 2010

The best part of Paper Dolls!

I'm really watching these days to see which toys are my kids' favorites and which ones really need to be boxed up and placed away for safe keeping.

I know as Christmas nears, it would be a wise move on my part to quietly transition some of the less-played with items to the attic in order to make room for their "much anticipated-requested-more age appropriate" toys.

One of my best qualities can also at times be one of my worst... I love to clean!  How could this be bad?  Well... my husband often refers to it as the "whirlwind cleaning."  Sometimes I think the best and easiest way to clean is to just throw it away!  I'm definitely NOT a pack-rat!

So... the other day I was cleaning my 6 year old daughter's room.  Yes, I was in a "whirlwind" mood.  In fact, I brought the trash bag up to her room - just to be prepared.

But just as I was about to "clean" what looked like little jibblets of paper - I noticed it was not trash after all - but rather the stands, or the bases, for her paper dolls.

Paper dolls have become her new favorite thing to do in bed.  I keep them in a giant zip lock bag on her bookshelf.  And after all the hugs, kisses, stories, and prayers - she gets them out on her bed and plays until she falls asleep.  I love it!  I think this is precious!  I love that even in this world of high tech toys that entertain them - she still loves to use her imagination to create a wonderful world - all from paper!

I knew better than to throw the most important part of her paper dolls away.  I knew she would DEFINITELY need the base in order for her newly dressed dolls to stand or rise to the level of her imagination!

Yesterday as I was reading my One Year Bible I ran across a verse that made me think of Jordan's paper dolls.  Yes, a lesson can come from paper dolls - just bear with me.

Psalm 119:116-117 (ESV)
Uphold me according to Your promise, that I may live, an let me not be put to shame in my hope!
Hold me up, that I may be safe and have regard for Your statutes continually! 

I don't know why I thought of Jordan's paper dolls after reading this - but I just couldn't get out of my head how His statutes, His Word hold us up - much like the base or the stand of a paper doll!

Twice in these two verses David asks the Lord to hold him up!

Uphold me according to Your promise
Hold me up

If we're going to make it in this life, we desperately need the Lord to hold us up!  We need Him to uphold His promise to us, we need Him, we need His Word alive in our lives!

Ladies, I think too often we throw much of what He sends our way to the wayside or perhaps in our whirlwind living, we toss it out with the trash.  When in fact, it's the most important piece - it's the very thing that allows us to stand!

Much like Jordan's paper dolls, we need the Lord and His Word to be our base, in order for us to stand or rise to the level of all He has planned for us!

Today, if you're hoping upon hope to find something that will help you stand, something that will keep you safe from the scary parts of life, look for your stand - His Word - and never never throw it away!  I promise it will hold you up and give you hope!

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