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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Peace Exercise

"Lord, I just need some peace in my life!"

"Lord, I need to get some rest, will You help me fall asleep?"

Have you ever prayed either of these two prayers?  As I flipped through my journal this morning, I realized that I ask the Lord for "peace" in one way or another... ALOT!  Either in the midst of a crazy busy day, or a for a difficult season He has me walking through, or just in general for my spirit.

It's an easy thing to pray for - but then what do we "do?"  Is there something we can physically do on this side of heaven, while we wait for His peace to come and fill us?

Do we stand really still and wait for some sort of heavenly version of fairy pixie dust to fall upon us and bring this much anticipated "peace"?

Recently I was talking with my Mom about rest.  She struggles with sleeping at night and I believe she has found a secret in finding peace and rest in the Lord and I want to pass it along to all of you today.  She made herself do this "Peace Exercise" the other night when she couldn't sleep and before she knew it - she was resting peacefully in dreamland!  You might even say this exercise did a better job than the Sandman or counting sheep!

I must admit - before sharing this with you - I'm not sure I could do this or at least get as far as she did.  However, I'm taking on the challenge.  Don't worry.... I'm not creating a "challenge" for us all to join in on or link up to at the moment... but I might some day!

The Peace Exercise
Start in Genesis and think of as many verses as you can from each book of the Bible.  
Don't worry about complete & total memorization, just do the best you can.  

For example: (wow!  Am I really going to be that vulnerable here... I promise I'm not cheating and looking these up!)

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

The Ten Commandments

(hmmm..... this was a lot about the Law & the many many sacrifices which were required)

Hopefully you get the idea.

Try to think of as many verses or passages from each book of the Bible.  Just so you know... my Mom made it to about First or Second Samuel before she got stumped - and by that time she was sleepy and fell right into a blissful peaceful sleep.

I don't think it was by coincidence that she fell asleep pondering on the word of God!  I believe when we recall the words of the Lord they will (He will) fill us with peace and rest.

I'm going to start doing this Peace Exercise myself!
When I'm driving down the road and the backseat is louder than I can handle...
When I'm cleaning the house that never seems to ever get completely clean...
When I can't sleep at night...
When all I want to do is yell or cry or try to make sense out of all that's going on in my life...

This is a crazy busy time of year!  Really from Halloween to New Year's there's always something going on... and I know for me, I'm going to need this Peace Exercise!!

How about you?  Want to join me?!

If you're here from iFellowship... WELCOME!
I hope you grab a cup of your favorite beverage
and hang out with me a while!
Leave me a comment, so I'll know you came by
and know that I'll be by later to visit you as well!


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