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Saturday, December 18, 2010

We just call him JeeP

December 18, 2006 my life changed.

It was on this day that I went from being a Mother of a sweet little girl to being now a Mother of two - adding a little boy to the mix!

Today we're celebrating the birth of John Patrick Franklin II - or JP for short.  But around here, we just call him JeeP.

Why JeeP?  Well... if you say JP really fast, it kind of sounds like JeeP.  Plus, my hubby drives a Jeep and from the moment he could crawl - he wanted to "play in Daddy's Jeep".  So it fit on all fronts.

In honor of my sweet little boy - 
I thought I would share a few of my favorite things about him!

He loves to run "super fast" - and wants to do so at every chance he gets!  Grocery stores, parking lots, yes, even in the house!

The way he says "P-L-E-A-S-E!!" with his hands all folded together is so cute that it makes me wish (most of the time) I could give him whatever he's asking for.

He always has been from birth and continues to be to this day - A VERY GOOD EATER!  The boy LOVES his "snacks!"

I love listening to conversations he has with his 6 year old sister - they are really beginning to play well together!

I love listening to him play make-believe during the day!  If he sees me watching, he just giggles and says, I'm just talking to my toys!  Sooooo cute!

I love the way he adores "Bear-Bear".  This is a vintage Winnie the Pooh, that Santa brought about 3 years ago.  Bear-Bear has had several surgeries, cleanings, and been searched for high and low in public places.  I can't imagine the two not being together!

I absolutely can't start my day without a "Squeezer" from JeeP!  This is a really tight hug around the neck! They're the best!!!

When I say to him, "I love you JP," he responds back with, "I love you too Mommy."  Oh my!  My heart melts.

These are the moments that help me to make it through the following:

1.  finding ketchup footprints in my fridge

2.  learning he scan scale his armoire to get to the "treasures" I thought were safely stored away on top!

3.  experiencing his fascination with very full puddles while holding his hand

4.  listening to hours and hours of chatter about dinosaurs

5.  finding rocks, Army men, and "snacks" in my washer & dryer

We love you JeeP and can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays with you!
(by the way, he's already planned them all out!  Next year he wants a Batman party, then a Cowboy party, and then a Dinosaur party!)

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