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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Strong foundations... even in the swamp!

I love having my prayer time in beautiful & peaceful places!  Most days, this is my kitchen, in the still & quiet of the early morning... with a cup of coffee no less!

However, last Saturday morning I was leading a retreat in Loranger, Louisiana (the North Shore for the locals).  I got up early and went to the retreat center lodge and got a vanilla cappuccino then walked down by the lake.  There was still a light fog over the water and a couple of ducks chatting away with one another.

I prayed for a bit... for the ladies in attendance, for the next session of material, for lives to be changed... you know the drill.  Then I opened my Bible - seeking a personal word from the Lord.

I love how He is so faithful to speak to us when we are earnestly available with listening ears & spirits.

I read something from a chapter in the Bible that most could almost quote.  I love reading my One Year Bible and finding new "treasures" that somehow I missed the year before!  Saturday morning the Lord showed me something so very personal and yet generic enough for me to pass it along to you today.

Hebrews 11:10 (ESV)
For he was looking forward to the city that has foundations whose designer and builder is God.

This verse is about Abraham and how he was more than likely yearning for the heavenly city, but also how he very obediently, by faith, was traveling to the place that God would show him.

I paused as I read this verse.  
We see a lot of these in New Orleans.

Homes everywhere here are being raised, especially after Hurricane Katrina, even 5 years after the storm.  The history of the place where I live in New Orleans is that it used to be a swamp.  Many many years ago, the swamp was covered and a town was built.  This makes for very bumpy roads, broken sidewalks, and allows for my garage to fill with water with every big rainstorm.

As I read this verse and thought about the city where I live, my mind quickly went to where most of us live  - not literally, but rather spiritually & emotionally.

Do you ever feel like your life is on sinking ground?  
Like you can never quite get your footing?

As long as we live in this fallen world, we're going to have to deal with our own version of personal broken sidewalks, bumpy roads and the flooding of problems.

However, we can "shore up" our lives with the ultimate Builder & Designer of all foundations - GOD.  You may have to still live in the swamp - and the many trials that come with mushy grounds... But I want to encourage you today to let God be the designer & builder of your faith and rest your life on His foundations!

Who is the designer & builder of your home?  
Avoid the floods by allowing Him to shore up your home, bringing a strong foundation to your soul!

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