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Friday, July 1, 2011

How? by FAITH

Whenever I used to meet new people, it didn't take long for me to tell them about my husband and my kids.  I know my husband now resides in Heaven - but when I meet new people - my habits are still the same.

I wonder how long it will take for me not to tell people that my husband lives in Heaven.  How long will that still be part of my introduction about myself?

As I meet these new people they ask me one thing... "How are you making it?"  Actually I still get this from people that know me very well.

I actually love it when new people ask me this - because it gives me an opportunity to share the Lord with them.  For my answer is very simple.  "I have an extremely strong faith in the Lord."

FAITH - that's my answer.  
That's my reason for getting out of bed.  
That's why I still read my Bible every morning.  
That's why there is still praise on my lips and in my heart.  

Faith is a powerful thing - if you let it be REAL in your life.  Not just something you talk about or sing about on Sunday morning.

The Bible says it has the power to move mountains!  This is one HUGE mountain of grief that I've got in my life and with God we move it every day!

That's why I LOVE this song by Kutless.
Happy Friday!  Enjoy your July 4th Weekend!

As you listen to this song - be praying for me, Jordan & JP - we are traveling to Bastrop, TX today to celebrate John's Birthday.  He would have turned 41 on Wednesday, July 6th.  To celebrate, we're going back to the place he left Earth and moved to Heaven.  We'll be with all the friends (who gathered around us on that unforgettable day) to honor his life.  We're planting a tree on the property and just taking time to remember and celebrate John.

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