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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shopping... Easy or Hard?

I am not a fan of digging for bargains when it comes to shopping.  Don't get me wrong, I love to shop - but I also love for it to be easy.

I'm not a big fan of garage sales.  Thrift stores are not really my thing.  I know... I'm a girl - you would think I would be willing to pilfer all day through a bunch of stuff to find that one great singular bargain.  That treasure in a haystack!  I certainly enjoy the benefits - but I'm not always willing to put forth the effort.

When in reality, if truth be told, I would rather walk into a nice store and what I'm looking for be right out in front, and HUGELY on sale.

Now, just because I've bared my soul on this little shopping matter, doesn't mean that I won't or haven't shopped at thrift stores and garage sales!  Sometimes, depending on what I need or the occasion - it's very much been worth it.

This morning I realized that sometimes I want finding God's riches and rewards to be just as easy.

Check this out...

Psalm 97:11 (ESV)
Light is sown for the righteous 
and joy for the upright in heart.

Simple.  Yes.  I for sure could use some "light" and "joy" in my life.  I wrote in my journal, told the Lord, that I wanted these 2 things not only in my life overall - but I needed them for the day ahead of me.  Of course I asked the Lord to keep my steps righteous and my heart focused on Him.

Then, I asked where I could find this treasured "light and joy"?  Actually I just asked if the Lord would put it right out in front of me, nicely hanging on those front racks - where it would be easy to find.

However, the Lord encouraged me to read further and there I would find the answer to where I could find "light and joy" in just my size.

Psalm 97:12 (ESV)
Rejoice in the Lord, O you righteous, 
and give thanks to His holy name.

Oh!  So I've got to put forth a little effort in this "light and joy" endeavor.  In order to find the light and joy I want in my day, I'm going to first need to praise Him - thank Him for who He is and the blessings, He's already shown me.

I'm going to have to dig further into who He is instead of just wait for Him to bring things to me.

The wonderful thing about bargain shopping is when you find that most perfect treasure.  I'm typically so very proud of it - that I brag about how and where I found it.  Today, I want to dig into who God is.  All the way to school I want to spend time rejoicing in the fact that He's God and I'm not.  I want to thank Him for saving me and giving up His Son for me.

I know that by taking time to do this, I can't help but to see light and joy in my day, because He will ever be before me.  And He is light and joy!  Then, I want to tell others where I found this great treasure!

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