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Monday, October 17, 2011

Even when I'm riding my bike!

Monday morning.  
These two words make me want to just take a really deep breath and say, "Here we go!"

I know the topics I'll be covering this week and even the assignments that are required of me.  It's going to be a very full week!

As I've been praying over this day - Monday - the Holy Spirit continued to send one word to my heart...  STEADFAST.

I've been praying over the meaning of this word for a while.  I love this word.  It occurs throughout scripture in the ESV translation 193 times!  I've even written a few blogs about this word and the verses that spoke to my heart.

Lately JP and I have started this little routine.  And I think it's a picture of God's steadfast love for us.

At no specific time - it could be morning, evening, or smack dab in the middle of the day - JP & I will have this little dialogue,

JP:  "Mommy, I love you."

Me:  "JP, I love you too."

JP:  "I love you all day & all night."

Me:  "I love you even while I'm sleeping."

JP:  "I love you even while I'm at recess."

Me:  "I love you even while I'm at school."

JP:  "I love you even while I'm riding my bike."

At this point, this usually reminds him he'd like to be riding his bike and off he runs.  I love this time with him.  I think about it throughout the day and it makes me smile.

I think it originated after reading "Guess How Much I Love You" - where the rabbits try to show just how much they love each other by increasing the size of things.

But as I was thinking about this word, STEADFAST, I got this picture in my head.  God never sleeps or takes a nap.  He can love me & care for me while He's doing something else - He NEVER stops loving me.  No matter what!

Kind of like JP loving me while he's playing at recess or riding his bike...  God's faithfulness NEVER ceases.  I may not always feel the warm & fuzzies of His love in my day to day activities - but that doesn't mean it's not there!  I must focus on His steadfast love and let it make me smile.

If I can remember a 4-year old's words in the middle of the day and let them encourage me - then how much more should I focus on God's words and let them sustain me!

Today, I must admit, it feels a little as if my foot may be slipping, but this verse assures me I'm going to be okay.

Psalm 94:18 (ESV)
When I thought, "My foot slips,"  
Your steadfast love, O Lord, held me up.

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