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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Energy from my toenails

I think I'm probably like most people, I start my day full of energy and optimism for what the day may bring and then by the end of the work day I'm totally exhausted!

Some days it feels like I gave all that I had to make Science fun, to encourage kids to be good students and then as I'm walking to the parking lot.... well... let's just say I'm wishing I could have someone pick me up at the front door instead of going out to my car.

This morning I read what what the Lord says is His will for us all...

1 Thessalonians 5:14 (ESV)
And we urge you, brothers, 
admonish the idle, 
encourage the faint-hearted, 
help the weak, 
be patient with them all.

This passage goes on to say many more things we are supposed to to - that is the will of God.  But I had to stop right here.... I had to stop and ask God,

"Just where is the energy for all of this going to come from?  
My toenails?!"

I think I'm doing good if I can get my students to understand how to balance equations, not talk while I'm talking, not listen to their ipod when they're not supposed to and turn in their homework!

You mean to tell me in addition to all of that I need to:
1.  gently caution the ones who aren't doing anything
2.  encourage the shy ones to participate, build them up to know they can do this
3.  come alongside them if they fall
4.  Oh!  And be patient with them ALL!!!

OH MY!!!  I must be honest with you.  I read this and thought,

"All this in addition to what I'm already doing?!  How?!"

So I sat in my bed and asked the Lord.  "How?"  I want to be a good teacher, a good mother, a good employee - so tell me how I'm supposed to add these 4 things into my "curriculum".

Then I saw it!  After I prayed I just stared at my Bible.  Not really looking for the answer - but wondering what the answer might be.  The very last verse in this chapter has the key.

1 Thessalonians 5:28 (ESV)
"The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you."

In and of myself I can do nothing!  I can't find the energy to help the weak and faint-hearted, I can't gently caution or rebuke those we are being lazy, and I certainly can't find the energy to be patient with them all - all on my own.

However... with the grace of Christ - I most certainly can!  And I need to take His grace with me everywhere I go!

Today, if you feel like you've already tapped the energy from your toenails - and you just don't know how you're going to "do" the day.... apply the grace of Jesus to every detail of your life and watch your energy and patient level rise!

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