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Friday, April 20, 2012

One Foot

Have you ever had a weekend that was over-scheduled?  I'm pretty sure the Pickard-Franklin Family is really close to this mark for this weekend.

Today is actually quite manageable.  JP's Field Day is today and I even get to attend!  However, tomorrow is going to be the fun one!  Here's what we've got from 8am-2pm:  Me & the kids are running in the CASA Race, Jordan is performing in the LHS Drill Team Spring Show at 1pm, then JP has T-Ball game at 2pm. (oh!  I almost forgot!  I'm taking another certification test on Monday!  I'm no where near ready for it - so I've got to study this weekend... sometime...)

Whew!  I'm super excited about them all!

The race though... I'm nervous and excited!  I'm running in my very first 10K.  (6.2 miles - and yes, I can run the whole thing without stopping!)  This is all part of my new journey to train for a marathon!  I have thoughts like, am I totally crazy?  Can I even do this at age 41?  What am I thinking?!

But in this new life that God has allowed me participate in - I've learned several things.... but one is, to put one foot in front of the other.  I know on some days, that's all I can do.  And for this race, (that seems super challenging) - I'm going to do the very same thing - one foot in front of the other.

How can you help?!  Yes - you can by the way!  Send me messages on FB during the race.  I have this app that turns your comments into cheers!  I listen to a ton of upbeat Christian music while I'm running.  This one here is one of my favorites!  I listen to it every time I run!  It reminds me that I can do this task and so many others that are difficult & challenging!

I'll see ya at the finish line!

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