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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Snack Time

Well... it's official.   The kids are out of school.  I know Jordan's last day of school was last Thursday, but Friday was John's day off so we typically do things together as a family on that day.  Then Saturday and Sunday was business as usual and with Monday being a holiday we just hung out as a family all day.  But today is a TOTALLY different story!  Today I'm at home - all day - alone with both of my wonderful precious children.  And I must say it's going pretty well so far!

My family thrives on routine.  During the school year I looked forward to getting home from taking Jordan to school, for JP would immediately begin playing either in his room or in the living room and I would enjoy catching up in the blog world.  However, I knew today would be the start of setting down new rhythms and new routines.  I must admit I've been kind of nervous about this new schedule.

So like any good sister in the faith would do - I took it to the Lord in prayer.  I know it sounds silly - but I really did pray for stamina, patience, and creativity for our summer routine.  Last week the Lord led me to the book of Proverbs.  I knew it was going to take vast amounts of wisdom to make me be the kind of Mommy I wanted to be....

Proverbs 16:3 says, 
"Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established."

So I prayed over every thing I was nervous about - here are just a few of the things I prayed about:
1.  the children wanting to eat all the live long day
2.  them getting bored with movies and toys in the house
3.  them fighting and yelling
4.  me losing the quietness of the house

And so, after praying this verse for the past several days - this is what the Lord has laid upon my heart:
1.  Summer Snack time - we're going to have set times for a nice, fun, healthy snack.  Yes, I'm actually going to prepare a fun snack on a fun plate and give it to the kids at designated times.  I know it will take some re-training - but soon they will get used to "summer snack time" and know not to ask for food all day long.

2.  Themed Weeks - we're going to have a verse for the week of which the kids will learn and memorize.  And all that we do that week will be around that verse.  For example... a verse about the rainbow one week - and we'll get rainbow snow cones, we'll talk about the colors everywhere we go - just something to keep us focused on not fighting - but rather learning God's World and God's Word.

3.  Field Trips - we're going to have a Zoo Day, an Aquarium Day, a City Park Day - these will be set and scheduled so we'll have anticipation for these instead of cries for them.

4.  Craft Days - My sweet Jordan is a craft maniac!  She LOVES to make things for herself -but mainly for everyone else!  So if you get a sweet craft in the mail from her just smile and know that it was all part of our Summer Sanity!  If we schedule this and plan for it - everyone is happy.

I have committed our Summer Schedule over to the Lord and I know that He is going to more than bless our time together.

What summer plans have you made?  
If you have more great ideas for making it through the summer successfully - please leave a comment!  I'd love to hear what you're doing too!!! 

Just know that when you pray and commit your plans (whatever they are) 
over to the Lord He will establish them for you!

Your sis in the faith,

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Rev. John Franklin said...

Way to be, SuperMom!

Sara said...


These are great ideas! I like the snack-time idea because my boys also like to munch a lot during the day. I also love the big days already on the schedule--something for everyone to look forward to and something to hold over their heads! :-)

Does your local library do any sort of kids reading day or reading program? Also, some movie theaters offer dollar days for kids.

Talk to you later!

Amy said...

We started our official summer yesterday. I too was concerned about Cole and his boredom. Seems like everyone has the same struggles. I wanted Cole to not waste his summer with TV and video games. I shocked him the first morning when I told him to turn off the TV I want us to learn something new. I showed him how to have a quiet time on his own and how to start a prayer journal. He is 9 now. Im excited to say...this morning...day 2 of summer...he got up and did it on his own! GOd is good! Have a great day!!!

grandmotherpic said...

Sounds like a great plan daughter girl. You can never go wrong with prayer and God's Word. I also love that you are going to teach them to memorize Scripture. Just one word of advise that I learned the first year of Grandmother camp. Don't be so structured that you do not allow for those spontaneous times of joy that just happen to not be on the routine. Love ya!!

Trina said...

you rock! can I send my kids to Penny's summer camp?!?

Love you girl. Looks like we may be there for the 4th of July this year. It will be weird since we are always here and have a party every year, but it will be a beautiful, RELAXING change :-)

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