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Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Online Adventure!

Well, I'm venturing into something I've never done before... an online Bible Study!  At our church in New Orleans, we typically have a Ladies Bible Study going on at all times.  We meet on Wednesday mornings and evenings (2 options for ladies to choose from).  However, here lately, I've heard from ladies in our own church that these times are not convenient for them and I've heard from ladies outside of New Orleans that they would love to do the study with me - just perhaps on their own.  So... I finally caught a clue and have created a blog from which we can study God's Word together!

The new Bible Study Blog is Studying His Word.  I would love for anyone who is looking for a wonderful Bible Study but just doesn't think they have the time to attend in person - to join us!

Starting on June 30th - this Wednesday! - we'll be beginning Kay Arthur's, "Lord, I Want to Know You."  It is a FABULOUS study on the Names of God.  Did you know that one of the sweetest sounds is to hear your own name aloud?  God thinks so too!  And He has MANY names!  Did you know He has a name that is all about Him being a Healer, and one about Him being a Provider, and one about Him seeing everything!  I truly believe that when we know God's names we know our God better!

How will this online Bible Study work?

Visit the Bible Study Blog - Studying His Word - and become a follower.
Then, starting on June 30th, I will post study discussion questions.  Here you can leave comments, questions, and even prayer requests!  Just as if you were sitting in the room with a bunch of ladies - however, you can be in your pajamas!  You can check it out during the day, in the middle of the night, or whenever it's most convenient for you!

EVERYONE is welcome!  No matter who you are, where you live, or what you do - we want you to join us!  Even if you've just stumbled upon this blog and you don't even know me - I would love for you to join us!  I would like to get to know you so feel free to contact me!  So grab a cup of coffee and your Bible and cozy up to your computer and get ready to be blessed!

Where to get the book?

You can get the book almost anywhere.  It's one of her more popular studies!  I would try a LifeWay or Christian Book Store - but if you can't find it there, try Barnes & Noble.  You can even order it online at www.cbd.com.  The books are about $14.

I have no idea how successful this is going to be!  I'm really just being obedient to what God has laid on my heart.  It even seems a little risky to put this out there - no knowing if anyone will join me online or not.  But I'm excited all the same. 

Thanks everyone for praying that God's Word is passed on to many ladies who would never otherwise open their Bibles or go to a church!

I love you all dearly!
Your sis in the faith,

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grandmotherpic said...

Sounds like a great idea. I will be praying for this endeavor. I know you have great material because I've done this study at least 2 times and it's a great way to get to know our God better and more intimately. I will be following ..

Rev. John Franklin said...

Way to be, Pen!

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