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Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm Here

Last night I concluded a Ladies Bible Study on the Names of God. It was a FANTASTIC study by Kay Arthur, Lord I Want To Know You. I must admit, my prayer life will never be the same! Now I know that I can call on Jehovah-jireh, when I am in need of provisions. I can call on Jehovah-raah, when I need my God to lead me to greener pastures. I can call on Jehovah-sabaoth when I need God to lead the charge against my enemies. I love being able to call on Jehovah-rapha when I need his healing balm of Gilead.

I could go on and on here. We studied 16 different names of God (from the Old Testament) in just 6 weeks. I'm so proud of all of the ladies that attended in person and those who followed online at Studying His Word.

But what I came away with last night is a name most precious to me. A name I can say when I'm not sure what's around the corner. A name I can cry out to when it feels like God is being silent. A name I can be comforted by when it appears that God has let me fall.

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Jennifer said...

I have heard of that study before! Glad that you and your ladies received a blessing from it. Thank you for coming by my blog yesterday and could relate to it...I always appreciate your thoughtful comments.


Joy said...

I am putting this book on my list to check in to! Stopping by from iFellowship!

Kathy Bourg said...

I really enjoyed attending bible study with the ladies. I had no idea he has so many names. You made my weeks more enjoyable. God bless you,

SomeGirl said...

I love studies of God's names! Sounds like a great one!

Stephanie M. Page said...

I LOVE Kay Arthur! I am gonna head over to Seeds and keep reading, but I wanted to send you some love here first!! muah friend! Have A GREAT weekend!! xoxoxo

Steve Finnell said...

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