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Monday, May 17, 2010

What did you say?

Well, it's "Birthday Week" at the Franklin house.  Yes, Jordan turns 6 years old this Thursday!  I can hardly believe it!  Not only is it her birthday, but this morning I have a meeting about her Kindergarten Graduation Festivities!  Really?  All in the same week, my oldest child is turning 6 and moving on from all things "little" - or so it seems.  And lest we leave out JP, he is growing up super fast too.  I think it's his language that's really maturing lately.  He seems to be speaking in paragraphs and coming up with amazing thought and logic and expressing them all really well.

If you have children do you remember the days when they were just beginning to speak and it was really hard to understand exactly what they were saying?  If you're like me, you were so excited that they were finally talking and you wanted to hear more, but you were having a little trouble interpreting.  I know this is going to sound strange, but I recently read a verse in the Gospel of John where a group of men, officers if you will, experienced something similar - but from Jesus!

John 7:46 (ESV)
The officers answered, "no one ever spoke like this man."

Now before, I get emails and phone calls about how Jesus NEVER speaks in childish jibberish - let me explain.  Let me give you a little context.  The Pharisees had sent officers to arrest Jesus.  As they went to arrest Him, Jesus spoke of things that were to come.  He talked about how He was going to a place that His disciples could not go, He shared with them that if they would seek Him they would find Him, and so much more.  I would like to think if I was in that crowd, I would be soaking up everything He said.  I would be hanging on to His every word.  I wonder if that's what the Officers saw that day.  I wonder if they too were mesmerized with what He was saying.  I wonder if it was all new information to them and they wanted to hear more - even if they didn't really understand what He was saying.

They returned to the Pharisees without arresting Jesus.  The Pharisees asked them, "Why didn't you bring Him?" (verse 45) Then we see their response in verse 46, "No one ever spoke like this man."  I wonder if they wanted to secretly leave the Pharisees and go back and hear more.  Something they heard that day made them act different.

I loved it when my kids began to speak!  I wanted to hear more.  I would often say, "What did you say?"  And they would repeat it (usually over and over and over again).  I would listen very intently, because I wanted to learn the language of my kids.  I would often have to stop what I was doing and get on their level, look them eyeball to eyeball and listen.  Did you know that the Lord wants to speak to you?  First we have to really listen.  We have to stop what we're doing and listen.  We have to remove the distractions (phones, emails, TV, laundry, etc).  Have you ever noticed that parents know the language of their kids better than anyone else?  It's almost as if they are interpreters for their kids.  Jordan used to call a yellow flower a "lello wowie."  And JP's word for "really" is "dery" - so it's "I dery want it!" It's all so cute!  I know their "language" because I spend time with them.  I've invested the time and energy to learn how they communicate.  I've listened to the words that they use with associated actions.  And as a last resort, I've said, "show me."  As a result, I know how they talk!

Have you spent time learning how the Lord talks?  He TOTALLY will not be offended if you say to Him, "What did you say?"  He wants you to learn His language!  Like my children, He'll say it again - over and over if He has to, for He is a patient God.  He wants you to be able to hear His voice and understand His words.  It's okay to be like the Officers found in John and think, "I've never heard anyone speak like this Man," - just don't stay this way!  In fact, as I read this verse myself, I wrote in my journal, as a reminder, to be aware that God's voice is truly not like any other and that I should be prepared for it to sound strange at times and to not tune Him out only because it's different!  If at first it's hard to understand and you're just not getting it, don't give up!  Hang in there and keep listening.  If you're wondering, did you hear Him right, ask Him, "What did You say?" and He'll keep talking, I promise!  How do I know?  Because He does it with me all the time!

Today, open your Bible.  Read this chapter of John if you want, and then stop and ask the Lord, "What did you say?"  Then... listen!  Sit there quietly and let Him say it until you understand it.  Ask Him to "show you!"  Learn the beautiful language and voice of the Lord that loves you so!  I guarantee you He has wonderful things to tell you that are indeed just for you!  I imagine that when you hear what He has to say, that you too will act like the Officers and change what you normally do for something better.

I love you all dearly!
Your sis in the faith,

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grandmotherpic said...

Well, I'm glad you finally found a way to put a positive spin on that phrase: I remember not too many years ago(ikes-almost 40) asking that question to 2 very sweet but often vocal little girls and after a mumble under theirs breaths --I would say: "What did you say?"You better not have said what I thought you did".. Sometimes I would get the truth and sometimes I just let their fib ride. Oh, the joys of motherhood..Excellent Spiritual point. Thank you Penny

grandmotherpic said...

Well, I'm glad you finally found a positive point for that phrase. I can remember not too long ago (ikes-almost 40 years) that I would say that to 2 sweet but often rebellious little girls and they mumbled something under their breath and I would say :: "What did you say?" You better not have said what I thought you did and then I would accept their fib about what they had hoped I hadn't heard. Oh, the joys of motherhood. Great point for an often negative question. Thanks, Pen

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