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Thursday, May 6, 2010

I need more covers!

Have you ever known someone who was always cold? These are the folks that always have a light jacket or sweater with them, even in the summer - because they always have a tendency to be cold. This is my Dad! It can be the high point of summer - in TEXAS - and he's got his hoodie on in the house. Why? Because my Mother is the exact opposite! She & I both struggle with being hot all the time. You never have to ask us, "Is it cold in here to you?". We're hardly ever cold - even in the winter.

However... at night, I love to pull the covers up around me. I like to have them all up around my neck. I kind of use them as a second pillow almost. Why is this? What changes at night? The temperature of the house is the same as it is during the day. The other night I woke up and realized I needed more covers, and this very thought occurred to me. (Yes, I was thinking about why I needed more covers and why I'm usually hot at 3am in the morning). As I was laying there trying to go back to sleep, I answered my own question. There were several things that came to my mind - but the main reason why I think I'm not hot at night (and love my covers) is because I get very still. Think about it - this is probably the stillest that we get all day. When I'm still, my body temperature is finally able to cool down, and I'm able and actually willing for something to cover my entire body.

As I was falling back asleep, I realized that my relationship with the Lord is very similar. When I get vulnerable and still with the Lord, I'm more willing for Him to cover me with His protection, His plan and path, His wisdom; instead of trying to move so fast in my own ways. Left to my own defenses, I typically go so fast that I get overheated, frustrated and irritable - but if I would just rest in Him I could find the comfort of His covering.

Today, do you wish that you could pull the covers up a bit if you weren't so hot? Find a time today to just sit for a few moments and be still. Listen and see if the Lord doesn't have something really cool to share with you. I think you'll find His covering refreshing & comforting.

I love you all dearly,
Your sis in the faith,

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Rev. John Franklin said...

Outstanding!!! I love it & I love you! Well said, Babe!

Sara said...

Penny, this is a wonderful analogy! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who likes to snuggle down at night and who wakes up hot. I've always been that way. I never thought that stillness played a part in it.

grandmotherpic said...

Yeh, I'm almost always hot, yes I do like the covers, and yes I do need to be still so that He can cool me off, but 3:52 AM ACK!!! even a work- outside- the- home grandmother doesn't see the clock at that time of the morning. You go girl!! I know He never slumbers or sleeps, but geez give Him some time to get ready for all those cool blessings He's gonna pass out. LOL. Are you not glad that He loves us so. ??

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