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Thursday, May 20, 2010

6 Years Ago....

On this day 6 years ago I experienced a "first" -  I gave birth to our daughter - Jordan Paige Franklin.  I remember every detail.  My doctor had told me there was no way I could have this baby all on my own.  So he convinced John & I that we needed to schedule a C-Section for Friday, May 21.  This all went down on a Wednesday afternoon.  John & I took some time to pray about it and settled on the fact that the end result is the same - we're having a baby!  So I began to make final arrangements for us to be at the hospital on Friday.  That night as we were going to sleep... my water broke!  And Jordan came into the world all by herself!  OH!  And on her due date no less!!!  Another really special thing about this date - my sister's oldest child was born on May 20th as well (a few years prior).

I'm so proud of my little Jordan Paige!  She continues to amaze us with all that she is learning.  She has the most precious smile and loves unselfishly!  I really could go on and on here - but today instead of being over spiritual - I just wanted to take time to thank my God for the best daughter a Mommy could ever have!  Jordan, it was you who first made me a Mommy, and I couldn't have a better title or honor than that!

We've got quite the weekend planned...
Today she's having a little classroom party!  I'm taking a Cookie Cake with little tiny clappers as prizes for all her classmates.  She's informed me that the class is going to sing a 4 verse Happy Birthday Song and that at the end of the song she gets to pick something from Ms. Groth's Birthday Box!  How exciting!

Then, tomorrow is the last day of Show & Tell - and she's already asked if she can take her birthday present to school!  Then... Saturday is the big party (I so hope it doesn't rain!)!  Grandparents are coming in from Texas and we're having a party at Storyland at City Park.  For those of you not from New Orleans this is a special part of City Park that is a super cool playground built with characters from all the great stories - The Three Little Pigs, Pinocchio, Hansel and Gretal, etc - big slides, cute little houses, etc.  So we'll be playing with 24 other little kindergartners all afternoon!  What great fun!  You're only 6 once right?

Pray that I have the energy to keep up with all of this!  Because then on Sunday morning I'm teaching our ladies about the 4th Beatitude!  Fun full weekend here we come!!!

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Rev. John Franklin said...

Blessed are the mommies who love, for theirs is the adoration of the innocent and the riches of generations!

Hoo-ah Penny!

Sara said...

24 kindergartners? You deserve some sort of medal! Enjoy the day. They do grow so fast!!

P.S. I loved your previous blog. My husband and I often joke about how excited we were when our oldest first started to speak, and then he wouldn't stop! I think the religious leaders felt that way about Jesus, too. Exciting at first, but then he kept going and they couldn't get him to stop!

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