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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fringe Band-Aids

I love a good run in the morning! It allows me to have quiet time by myself, and also a chance to work out my thoughts and plans for the day. However, sometimes when I get back, I'm ready to share them with my husband who, may or may not be ready for the barrage that I unload on him. I'm thankful that he is so patient with me in those times! This morning, I've identified where the possible bumps will be in our day and have prayed over them. Remember that you too can let the Lord know where you see places that you're going to need an extra measure of grace and well... help. Be confident that He will indeed come through for you!

Remember the days when a band-aid could fix anything! My kids love band-aids! Especially now that there are all kinds of character band-aids. Where were these when I was growing up? However, as with most kids under the age of 5, made up boo-boos arise, just so they can get a Barbie or a Diego Band-Aid. I find myself putting band-aids in the strangest places - just to see tears turn into smiles. As I was reading my One Year Bible last week, I came across a verse that reminded me of my kids & their band-aids. I wrote about it in my journal and thought about it and applied to my daily ups & downs and realized it was working too well not to pass it on to you. I hope it helps to make your tears turn to smiles too!

Now, I must warn you - this devotional is going to combine 2 verses - one from the New Testament and one from Psalms. I just love how cohesive God's Word is, that we can combine verses that were written 100's of years apart and bring them together to give us hope in 2010!

Mark 6:56 (ESV)
And wherever He came, in villages, cities, or countryside, they laid the sick in the marketplaces
and implored Him that they might touch even the fringe of His garment.
And as many as touched it were made well.

This verse describes Jesus going into various places doing the work of His Father - healing, teaching, and saving. I think most of the time when we get a picture of Jesus "healing the sick" we think of Him actually touching the people - laying hands on them - even saying "you are healed". However, here we get a completely different image of His healing power. As I read this I pictured his tunic that He probably wore and how the ends were probably frayed a bit from walking from city to city. It might even be a bit dirty. However, Mark tells us here that "as many as touched" the fringe of His garment were made well. So many of us are not making up reasons for a band-aid - but in fact are dealing with some pretty serious places of sickness. Perhaps it's a health issue that needs healing, or maybe it's something else like debt & finances, issues at your job, parenting, marriage, and so many other places that are in need of real healing. Did you know that we can be healed from all of these just from the "fringe" of His garment. How do we touch something that has long been dust - His garment? I believe it has to do with faith. I believe and have faith that even though I can't physically touch the fringe of His garment today, in the marketplace - that it still has the power to heal even me - even my sickness of the moment.

I wrote all this in my journal and continued reading. I truly believe that God was not done showing me and teaching me on this particular morning. For shortly after I finished writing this down, I read this verse from Psalms.

Psalm 40:3 (ESV)
He put a new song in my mouth. A song of praise to our God.
Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the Lord.

I wrote in my journal that in spite of needing a band-aid for my present aches and pains... I wanted to be able to say this verse and really mean it! I want to have a new song in my mouth and not complain or worry or fret or wring my hands or get defeated by my current sickness that desperately needs some fringe healing.

JP really thinks a band-aid will fix anything. He loves to try new foods - even spicy foods! And most of the times he likes them - that crazy boy! However, the other day, he ate something he didn't like. He started crying about how it hurt. I asked him where it hurt and he said, "In my mouth!" I told him to drink some water. No, that was not good enough. He started crying, saying he needed a band-aid "in his mouth". (He opened his mouth really wide as he said this - trying to show me the place that hurt) I laughed in the moment - trying to describe how band-aids don't work in the mouth. But as I read both of these scriptures - I realized that JP's not too far off the mark. According to the Psalmist, the Lord can put a new song in our mouths! And this new song, along with seeing, fearing and trusting the Lord has amazing power over our sicknesses! I can speak scripture over my day. I can believe His Word and know that what comes out of my mouth to my children, my husband and those around me can have a healing affect. So on this day, I asked the Lord to put His fringe-healing-song... in my mouth!

I know it sounds a little funny - but you know what? It worked and it's continuing to work! God's Word is not stale! It is powerful and relevant. Do you need a band-aid today? Do you need a band-aid where perhaps one won't fit or even come close to covering? Believe in His fringe healing power and let Him put a new song in your mouth. I believe that if we all do this, we just might see some amazing healing take place in the world around us! We'll see tears turn to smiles just from the fringe!

I love you all dearly!
Your sister in the faith,

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grandmotherpic said...

Wow! What a blessing. I love what you said about being able to string God's Word together,even New Testament to Old Testament and it flows like a smoothly flowing river. Just a "book" plug that actually does that. It is called Daily Light. It was originally published in the 1800's . Samuel Bagster a bookshop owner tested his children by quoting or reading a verse of Scripture and they had to add on one that would continue the thought or add meaning to the previous verse. It has been re-released in the English Standard Version. This was a favorite of Ruth Bell Graham. Just thought I would pass that along. It is all Scripture and a neat way to read it. It is a classic Devotional book that is all The Word. Love the band-aid for the mouth. You go JP!!!. God's Word is a great band-aid for the mouth. Thanks Penny for sharing your innermost life. We all are blessed because of it.

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