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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What a night!!!

The Fabulous Friendship Dinner was truly amazing!!! We had 13 beautifully decorated tables! I've listed them here - just to celebrate my friends just a little more....

Boutique Buddies - by Sarah Newell
"Can I borrow your lipstick?" - by Sarah Newell
Parade of Friends - by Cinnamon Tucker
Pilialoha - Ina Kazarian
Picture Perfect Friends (X3) - Peggy Morgan
Fun Friendly Fancy Feet - Jeanette Neeley
Silver Lining Friendships - Penny Franklin
Tejas Means Friendship - Penny Franklin
Easy Breezy - Angel Baudier
Friendships in Bloom - Tiffany Morgan & Ellie Seals
Celebrate! - Kathy Bodenheimer & Sandra Scardino

Sarah & her seminary friends did a FABULOUS job with our entertainment! I sang "Blue Skies" in my head all day on Monday! Y'all totally rocked on that song!!!

We had 93 ladies in attendance! I thank you all for making the night so special. So many of you did so many wonderfully special things to make our guests feel welcomed and honored. I also learned a lot of things that will make next year's friendship dinner even better! I'm already looking down the road to Friendship Dinner 2011!!! Let me know if you want to host a table again next year!

I also am totally thrilled at all the new friends that I made! If I didn't get to visit with you - please send me a friend request on Facebook!

In the mean time... don't forget the 5 secrets of being a Fabulous Friend - celebrate your friend, be there for your friend, be a safe place for your friends, welcome learning & laughter, and finally be flexible!

I love you all dearly!
Your sister in the faith!

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Rev. John Franklin said...

Thanks for your amazing work with our ladies, Pen! Its as good to work with you now as when I fell in love with you!

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