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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Treasure instead of Trash

This morning I read a very familiar passage from Luke chapter 2. Jesus was about 12 years old and the family traveled to Jerusalem for the Feast of the Passover. At the conclusion of the Feast Joseph & Mary started for home, thinking that Jesus was with them. They got about a day's worth of walking away from Jerusalem before they realized that Jesus was not with them. They turned around to go in search for him and after 3 days of looking (I would be frantic by this time!) they found Him in the Temple.

Of course, like any Mother would do, she asked Jesus why He had treated them like this! We are all very familiar with Jesus' response - but this morning what caught my eye and my heart was what Mary did after it was all over. Jesus asked His parents why they were looking for Him. He reminds them that He must be in His Father's house. He then very obediently goes home with them. Mary then treasured all these things in her heart.

What?! Treasured these things in her heart? I probably would have been nagging and complaining and letting my son know every detail of how worried we were and what those 4 days prior to finding him were like for us!!! Mary simply asks one question and then treasures the rest in her heart. Now I know that probably most of the "treasuring" was about how her Son was the Son of God - no doubt very worthy of treasuring. But Mary was still very much human - and probably realistically wanted to vent her emotions about what she was feeling.

There is a key lesson from Mary (for Mothers) this morning... We should treasure in our hearts more than trash with our mouths. Once we guide and discipline our children and they comply and submit to obedience - treasure the rest of our thoughts and emotions in our hearts.

Today: treasure instead of trash - and see how God blesses your life as a result!

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Rev. John Franklin said...

Very cool thoughts, Babe... really brings things into perspective!!!

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