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Monday, February 22, 2010

So why a new blog?

Good Morning!
Well, I've had this blog started for a while and for the first time announced it to the public this morning. Now, you may be asking, "I thought you already had a blog?". And you would be right. I do have a family blog. This is mainly to let all our Texas friends (or rather our non-New Orleans friends) keep up with all that the Franklin family is up to these days. But if I'm really honest with myself - it's a place where I can brag on my kids! LOL!

This blog, however, is something completely different! This is a place where I can brag on my God! In 1999 God called me into the ministry. I knew that He was telling me 2 specific things at this time - 1) Go to seminary and get prepared for what I'm going to do and 2) It might take a while for this calling to come to fruition as far as everyone around you will see.

So, I moved to Fort Worth and started attending Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Many of you know this story. I started working as an intern at First Baptist Euless and this is where I met John. Since that time in 1999, I have served at several churches, mainly as a Women's Minister. In 2004, I started writing email devotionals. It was designed to be a weekly encouragement for the ladies in my home church. However, God has used these in a tremendous way in the lives of many ladies and has actually spread to email in-boxes all over the country. Only God could take something so small as my thoughts in my prayer time and spread them over so many ladies from coast to coast! Thank you Lord! I'm am continuously humbled when ladies reply that what I wrote met them right where they were with the Lord!

I knew when God called me to His service in 1999 that He wanted me also to do something very specific. At the time, I was working as a Hazardous Materials Trainer. I spoke to groups of Emergency Response Teams over the Central Texas area. In my prayer time one day, God clearly revealed to me that He wanted me to speak for Him instead. He wanted to use the talents that He gave me for public speaking to spread His message of hope, salvation and peace. After much prayer, my husband and I believe that the time for me to respond to this part of His call on my life should begin to take shape and form.

Therefore, in the days to come - you will be able to find devotionals on this blog as well as a few other things. My heart is to take the gospel of Christ and his message of hope, survival, peace and comfort to churches that may not otherwise be able to afford big name speakers. So, if you and your church - or if you know of a church - that is looking to have a ladies retreat and/or event please feel free to send them to this blog. I'm prayerful as I wait to see where God takes this next phase of His call on my life.

I love you all dearly and hope that you check in with me often as we walk this journey of faith together!

Your sister in the faith,

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grandmotherpic said...

OK, this blog seems to be a orphan!!! What can I do to help make it soar? This is really a neat gal!! She's my daughter for heaven's sake and better than that God the Father's daughter. Let's all rally and start Living Above with Pen!! One proud mama....

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